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  1. A person, with the help of Nature, intuitively thinks correctly, because the full life of a person is a multi-part film, ” death “in the first series of the film is the beginning of the second new series of the film”human life”….

  2. Well, with this approach, you have to kill yourself as soon as you come to the realization that life is not eternal. But, in fact, everything is not so fatal. Let's take a simple example. Let's say you go on vacation with your family, relax at the sea, swim, sunbathe, have fun, and then come back and life again takes on the usual rhythm: work, home, family, etc. Well, the question is why spend money and go on vacation, if you will still return back to the same as it was? So it turns out that you just wasted the money? Or maybe not? Probably not after all, right? You've had fun, you've had a good time with your family, your kids are healthier, you've all had new experiences… so what matters is not that you've returned to what you left behind, but the process that took place in the interval between these two events. So in life, too, it is not the end or death that is important, but the process itself – life. And whatever you “sow”, it will give you new sensations and impressions, which, in fact, are important. In addition, with your death, the world will not be destroyed, which means that what you” sow ” can give something, if not to you personally, then to your children, students, followers, etc. Your “crops” can live, even if you are already dead by this time. So from my point of view, it is not very important that not all my initiatives will give some advantages to me personally, it is just important to live as interesting as possible and do what I like as much as possible, and also create an opportunity for my children and followers to also live interesting and, possibly, at a better level than it would be without my “crops”.

  3. In general, I live quietly. For me, what matters is not what will happen after my death, thank God I am not an egocentric person (oh, how is this world without me irreplaceable?), but how I will live my life. Well, there is human dignity, a clear conscience and so on.

  4. I even do not remember the command to sow something in myself, I was sown and fuck it, I realized that you would die, you are sitting baldeesh, I sent my pride to hell, which you stupidly inspired, so that you would not merge and do your best to figachil for the benefit of your own and society, only the horseradish knows whether it is worth fighting like this, I personally did not rest, let the sheep break their foreheads, earn, save, .. Once you understand what death is and what comes after it, you can go fuck yourself. Why not teach us anything, why are we only train on the principle – there is sweet and then bitter, what would we just moved, ran for an imaginary train with blackjack and hookers, and not a moment could not think who needs it, why the train, and why, however hard you try you can only run after it and jump and go it is because they said that is the ultimate goal, but the end is death, and that running and puffing – still not a lot, not much, still not a lot, now, now, now, soon, soon, soon…. Will what? You can provide a prettier chick, that's a joy… I have already noticed that all their love is a deception, they use this word like all fairy tales, which would cause you to feel guilty for not being good enough to work all your life on your insatiable beloved. Do I really want to spend this short grace called life as an idiot looking at a donkey's ass, and the piercing pain of rhythmic hoof beats on the balls, counting down to the moment of triumph and the onset of honestly deserved bliss? Hooray. Nah need to.

  5. Life is a multi-part film, not a one-part film.

    The Creator of man is a very far-sighted Craftsman.

    One-part worldview-sharply contradicts both science and religion.

  6. You need to live wisely, but at the same time not go too deep, so as not to fall into depression because of your unfulfilled hopes and aspirations.

    Life should bring a person-meaning, joy and fill him with a sense of moral satisfaction

  7. Yes, my people have such a saying, but it is completely like this: “What you sow, you will reap. What you reap, you will eat. And what you don't ripen, you sow.” Life is difficult and not clear – it is easier and easier to die, but you have to live for the sake of life itself. Only the dead don't die, only ashes don't burn. What does it mean to do it in an empty box? Can you also say that Don Quixote's life was in vain and he was fighting windmills for nothing? Were the lives and sacrifices of a hundred generations of your ancestors who lived and died for you wasted just so you could ask this question? Come on, even if we don't understand the meaning of what's happening, it doesn't mean that someone doesn't control the process and use you. Therefore, you can not be a slave to circumstances and a fatalist. You can't escape fate, but we can face death with a weapon in our hands, a smile on our lips, and glory for the ages to come. Retreat if you can't hold on any longer, but don't give up.

  8. Out of pure curiosity!

    No one knows how much is measured out to him. But to sit (lie down, do nothing) and wait for the scythe to come-this is utter boredom! But let me do it, and watch it, and learn about it, and understand what it is, and go to a new place, and meet a new person. And I will also help someone, learn something useful, become different-better and more interesting, etc…. At least something can be done for your loved one in the interval “from and to”!

    Well, even if this is really not so, imagine that you will be born someday in another body, and your past life experience will help you! Well, if there was one, and everyone has one.

  9. Your question shows that you deny life after death entirely. I won't put any moral pressure on you. But now, you have sown the seeds of unbelief in yourself, and you are reaping an empty life full of meaningless existence. No, in order to change the “conditions of the game”, you do not need to urgently run to the church and repent! It still won't help. So a pathetic appeal to all of humanity is wrong by definition. Not all of us, but only the part that shares your views. And representatives of various religions (even Papuans!) they see this life only as another step to the top. Therefore, their life is full of the desire to ” sow ” in their soul the seeds of knowledge and experience, so that in the next life – no, not to reap, but to save at least one sprout.

  10. I wonder why most people think that their actions make any sense.)
    If we proceed from the scale of the universe, then there is no special meaning in our existence, we are just an accident…
    This alone is enough to realize how insignificant and powerless we are in the face of this infinite space.
    Our 70 years are nothing before infinity, and one thing I can't understand is whether people are so afraid to realize that their existence makes absolutely no sense, that after death they will be forgotten in just a hundred years…
    Yes, of course, there are exceptions, for example, key figures in history, but only to live in the memory of such short-lived organisms as you are… Such a pastime, and in principle people are very fond of misrepresenting, so in my humble opinion, it is better to forget about me in a week, rather than tell stories about me…
    We are too selfish,we want too much from this universe, we are just a bunch of molecules, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, we are too helpless and insignificant to demand anything from it…
    Therefore, sometimes I want to say to some individuals, maybe it's enough to pretend to be gods?)
    People are so funny sometimes…
    When they firmly believe that their existence has a secret meaning, when they say with foam on their lips that SOMETHING supernatural took part in their creation, something inexplicable (!!!!!), And you are an atheist, you will burn in hell for not believing (XD)
    Maybe I will, but they will forget about you and me the same way in a year, and they are unlikely to spend so much energy just to mock a certain number of people, this is irrational to the point of banality…
    For sim, I think (imho of course) that there is nothing wrong with realizing the absolute meaninglessness of being, just over time the colors disappear, the rose-colored glasses crack, and you are filled not with optimism but with unprincipled realism, alas, we live in such a world\_(ツ)_/

  11. Energy generates thought, thought matter and its form of being .
    Matter is alive as long as there is energy .
    The essence that gave birth to time and space is our everything .

  12. Man does not sow, but lives. Life is made up of many things, and overall it's a beautiful symphony. Well, or rock, pop, jazz, etc. And also, perhaps consists of all genres together.:)

  13. Normal people don't bother with such a stupid thing.because they know the secret. Everything that you planned to do and did not have time to do does not disappear . All your shortcomings. plans. the accumulated virtues are projected onto the shell of your soul and once in the new body, the renewed personality will fulfill everything that it was worthy of in the previous life.And the most important thing. When you do something, you should never count on the end result. The fruits will not be reaped by you . and God. This is only his merit and if you deserve it then the earnings for this life will be your initial capital in the next, etc.

  14. How do you live with the idea that everything you “sow” in yourself, you will not have time to “reap” because of death? Knowing that you will die, why don't you think that you are doing everything for nothing?

    It is a very consumer issue, and it is probably normal in the era of consumption. I'm closer to the folk wisdom: “I'm going to die, but this rye!”

    What for? Why does the grandfather plant an apple tree at the age of 80, the fruit of which he will not see? He was so used to living. And he doesn't live for himself. My granddaughters are eating. Not granddaughters, so another kind person will pick an apple, rest in the shade of a tree, remember with a kind word the one who planted it. Why do people build houses with a safety margin of 100 years or more? He couldn't live that long himself. Isn't it easier to put a quick-assembled plywood house? Because he thinks not about himself, but about subsequent generations.

  15. All that I “sow in myself” remains in me. Something “spies” immediately, and something after a while. But in any case, I “reap the benefits” of my work. Your knowledge and every effort to make a good person out of yourself. I don't believe in “life after death”. I am absolutely sure that after the brain dies, we die forever. And this knowledge makes my ultimate life even more beautiful. I value my life knowing that I have one. I appreciate that I am alive, and that many things have happened in order for me to exist. Humanity is incredibly lucky! And knowing that life is finite gives you peace and humility. I'm not afraid of that. It will be exactly the same as before I was born. But those who dream of “eternal life” also have peace of mind. The atoms that make up us don't go away. They will exist as long as the universe exists. And the most amazing thing is that the atoms of your right hand can be from one Star, and the atoms of your left hand can be from another. And life is finite, but on the scale of the universe-a part of you is immortal. And looking at the night, starry sky, I see the past of our universe. It is “as old as the world” because it is the world. Many of the distant stars that light up our nights have long since gone out. But for us, they can still shine for thousands and thousands of years. And living in such a beautiful world, how can you ask for more? How can you not accept your death as a given? You need to value your life, and have time to get the most out of it . You need to reap the benefits as soon as they ripen, and not postpone it for “eternal life”.

  16. I am a Christian and believe in Non-existence (Life after life) and therefore for me there is no such thing as the end. I sow into eternity, and these accumulations will always be with me :

    16 And he told them a parable: A rich man had a good harvest in the field;

    17 And he reasoned with himself: what should I do? have I nowhere to gather my fruit?

    18 And he said, This is what I will do: I will break down my barns, and build great ones, and gather in all my grain and all my goods,

    19 And I will say to my soul, O soul! you have a lot of good things lying around for many years: rest, eat, drink, have fun.

    20 But God said to him, ” You fool! this night your life will be taken from you; who will get what you have prepared?

    21 So it is with him who gathers treasures for himself, and does not grow rich for God.

    (Luke 12: 16-21)

    19 Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on the earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal,

    20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal,

    (Matthew 6: 19,20)

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