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  1. Every morning I write affirmations with my right and left hands, so I use both hemispheres and program my consciousness for success. The main thing is to write correct, positive affirmations and not miss practice ❤️

  2. Don't buy into all the stories about the materialization of thoughts. You run the risk of getting a distorted picture of the world, as well as through this you can be lured into all sorts of network marketing (MLM)(they love these stories there). Where you will spend a lot of time, effort, money and will work at a loss or for a penny profit. And I will give you an example of all sorts of people who have earned money on this and have become rich.

    Desires should be fulfilled not by “the power of thought”, but by planning, work, willingness to act and intelligent actions. And visualizations can only be used as a means of motivating yourself, not as some kind of magical ritual. That is, you can imagine what you want simply to cheer yourself up and set yourself up for work. For example, the fact that you will imagine yourself driving a beautiful car, you will not have it. But this may make you want to work better, think better, and achieve your goals. And perhaps you will earn money on it without any delusional techniques about the magic power of thought.

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