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  1. No way. I never motivate myself to do anything at all. This very concept seems to me the height of absurdity. How do you force yourself to do things that you don't need or want to do? I'm not forcing you. I study because it is necessary and interesting. I don't play basketball because it's unnecessary and uninteresting. And it never even occurred to me to “motivate” myself to play basketball. Why are people trying to do this – I'm at a loss…

  2. To study at your university-no way, I come to the session, pass for the sake of a diploma and almost everything is safely forgotten. Most of the local disciplines don't interest me and I don't intend to work in my specialty – I realized that it's not my thing, but I'm sorry to drop out in the fourth year.

    Regarding self-development, it all depends on your mood. It happens that I am drawn to learning new information, I can sit all day for articles or books, I Google and read greedily. And there are also attacks of procrastination, which are delayed + – for a week. I don't know if this is due to my low self-esteem and tendency to self-flagellation, but in such cases, all I have to do is tell myself that I am sliding to the bottom of this world, I will not get even half of my dreams in life, and I will not be interesting to anyone at all. The method, of course, is so-so, but personally it works like a cold shower for me.

  3. Personally, I motivate myself by saying that I want to become better, and by studying, you develop, acquire some skills and abilities. As a particularly pleasant thought when you have learned something and now know how to do it, or know something. For example, you learned how to fix a crane and how nice it is when you can fix it independently of someone in case of a breakdown, or how nice it is that you have studied the mythology of Ancient Greece before, when intellectual people argue about which feat of Hercules is the most outstanding (conditionally), you can join in the conversation and discuss, because you already know about it, and you couldn't say two words about it before. There may be many sources of motivation, but the source that I use (the permanent desire to become better, develop) is the most fundamental and most effective, because other sources of inspiration can come and go, and this one is autonomous, and if you have already acquired this desire, it is unlikely that you will ever lose it (we are talking about development in general, and not about any specific area).

  4. To be honest, I don't have to motivate myself to do what I need in life and what I like.I may open a secret for someone, but if you force yourself to love, that is, to hammer into your head the idea that you really love it ,then you can learn anything in the shortest possible time(I prepared for the exam from scratch in a month)

  5. All I have to do is review a piece of George Carlin's speech. Just searched for “Carlin on motivation”

    Nothing motivates you better than understanding why you (specifically you!)need it. we need this study.

  6. What is strange is that as a schoolgirl, I could not motivate myself to study well, and I was a kilometer away from the title of” excellent student”. At the university, I underwent a certain metamorphosis: the level of academic performance increased dramatically, moreover, I began to enter the ranking of students with the highest academic performance in the faculty. Why did this happen?

    At school, children are forced to spend their potential on a wide range of subjects, many of which they almost hate. Higher education gives you the opportunity to focus on the specialty that interests you most.�

    So, what motivates me now? Firstly, the possibility of getting a red diploma, secondly, the realization that I can become the best in performing some task (in fact, which helps me form certain ideas about myself among teachers and students), and thirdly, I never feel so good as when I watch my classmates ' attempts to pass a session, while everything is closed to me. Plus, my academic success helps me develop and find a good job.

    P. s: I almost forgot about an important fact, the status of an excellent student leads many students to me with a request to write an abstract coursediploma (of course for a good reward). Also a good motivation for yourself!

  7. There are two models of motivation.

    Motivation “From…”: for example, I am a rogue student who lives on the money of poor parents, but I want to live well, so I will study. That is, with this model of motivation, everything is bad for you, but it should be better.

    Motivation ” K…”: I am a major student, everything is fine with me, but my best friend Kolya has a Mercedes, and I drive a used Honda like a beggar, I will work on myself, study, buy a Merc. That is, with this model of motivation, you are doing quite well, but it should be even better.

    In general, you need to understand what you really want to learn, as soon as you decide, problems of insufficient motivation will cease to arise.

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