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  1. Something will only work if you have a good tongue, and you are absolutely sure of what you are saying. The main thing in your case is not to stop, speak brazenly and speak with an intelligent look, face a chopper and go ahead, but for this you need a cold and calm head, it is better to drink something like Afobazol before the exam. And think about it, maybe there is still time to read something?)

    1. Write it off. the best way for a written exam. But it depends on the cheating skill. You can write it off orally and tell it, but there is a lot that depends on the examiner. It is dangerous to use it in foreign universities, where it is severely punished.

    2. For an oral exam the easiest way is to chat and get out on old knowledge

  2. If this is an oral exam, then everything is simple (and difficult). . In fact, success depends on your ability to talk, charisma, and relationship with the teacher.

    Well, with a written one, everything is simple. You write what you know.

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