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  1. Ignoring is a good option, but it's better to show how much you don't care about the person's words. And you can also try to turn a person's words against themselves. It requires some skill, but the result is worth it. Once a young man tried to humiliate me in public, and I slapped him in the face and told him that if he couldn't answer me, he was a jerk. It was unforgettable, especially when you consider that the young man was an athlete and a head taller than me.

  2. Do not allow yourself to be humiliated at the same time. That is, if they try to humiliate you, you don't have to humiliate yourself at all. You can respond to an attempt at humiliation with indifference to it, at least as much as possible indicate that you see this attempt and clarify why the person started it, perhaps he himself will immediately abandon it.

  3. How to explain:))
    Let's start with the fact that people who deliberately humiliate you have problems with their own heads.
    In 1x, the abuser may have problems in the family, relationships, and so on.
    In 2x, he may have been bullied himself, and the humiliation of others is his response.
    In 3x, maybe he's just asserting himself.

    The main thing to remember is that such people themselves are not all right. Take it lightly. In other words, just smile and ignore the words of the abuser.
    Rush into conflict with foaming at the mouth is not worth it. This will inflame your relationship, you will not leave the abuser behind in any case:))

    So here's a tip for you girls and boys. Do not poison, but you will not be poisoned=)

  4. An attempt to humiliate someone is always an attempt to assert yourself for the humiliator. That's why you can't show him that it offends you.
    You need to respond. You need to demonstrate that his attempts will not change anything for you, even the mood will not spoil.
    You can not silently walk away from the conversation, as if taking the position of “I can't do anything”.
    We will talk about a situation where the humiliating person knows something about you that you are embarrassed or ashamed of. It is urgent to get rid of this feeling. And then in response, you will be able to laugh it off, demonstrating the fact that you are amused by the situation itself, and his attempt to make you look bad.
    And if you also know something that discredits your opponent, then you have every right to go to the conflict and respond accordingly.
    But in a good way, it is also important to understand the distribution of forces, and to be aware of the consequences of any response.

  5. If this happens at a crowded reception or in a public place, then give the unfortunate person a regretful look and, abruptly deafening, turn your back on him and talk to someone present.

    IGNORING your opponent, no matter how many attempts they make to communicate with you again, is the best way out.By the way, this works perfectly in certain cases.

    Well, if you have an unbearable desire to be rude in response and you can afford it, then casually, with a smile, give a recommendation : “Obviously, picking your nose, you managed to scratch your brains?Then you don't have to see me,but a psychiatrist.”

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