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  1. Before answering your grandson, it's a good idea to answer this question for yourself. You never know, suddenly the truth speaks through the mouth of a child. If the child is objectively wrong, I suggest that you answer him “you're a sucker yourself” and go about your business while waiting for this little bastard to grow up, plunge several times into the dull shit of life called Experience and feel respect for his grandfather, realizing the depth of wisdom of the years he has lived. Well, or at least until he learns some other expression, which he will start mindlessly repeating to others, since the child, apparently, is extremely young.

  2. The behavior of the so-called “sucker” is the behavior of a normal person in a super-efficient society – like, say, a European one. That is, this person is trusting himself, and will not deceive others, and will not put footholds out of the blue, can sincerely sympathize, and so on. Any “harmful” aspects of people among European nations are much less pronounced than in other countries and regions.

    And vice versa, outside of Europe, in many places this very “become more successful than everyone else”, “push your elbows”, “get settled”, “fuck”, “what am I, a sucker, or something”is cultivated? – and, as a rule, societies with such attitudes among individuals are a pathetic, bleak, unpromising spectacle.

    You can tell your granddaughter that de mol, what difference does it make if you are a sucker or not a sucker, if you still live in a swamp, spiritually and materially?

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