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  1. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Prince did not see old age. Let's remember them!

    What would that mean? Nothing at all. When you reach old age, you will see yourself there, and there is no philosophical idea. I, as a skeptic, and now I wanted to spit on these snot of yours.:)

  2. I would like not to get stale, not to get sick of myself, to accept myself with all my accumulated experience, achievements and shortcomings that I have not been able to overcome or eliminate. Associate your impressive age with wisdom, not unfitness in anything. In general, it seems to me that with your own old age, as with death, you need to make friends, negotiate. You know, to have a feeling that the years have not passed in vain, to often catch yourself on a bright smile, remembering happy and not so happy moments, to understand that you will leave like everyone else, and the memory of you will live on. It is also important to treat age with irony, I would like not to lose my sense of humor, grip, ability to think, laugh at myself. Understand the world around you and yourself a little more than when you were 15, 20, 50. Become more tolerant of any manifestations of life and feel, almost physically, that you have seen, believed, felt love more than once over the years.

    And I would also like to realize that the best, most valuable and beloved people are still around. At least one. And for them, you are an authority, a valuable adviser and the best example while you are alive, and after.

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