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  1. Usually, if possible, I take this day off, so that nothing makes me nervous. I also try not to watch the news, so as not to get soaked in negativity. I open the wall in VKontakte, hoping for congratulations from those who managed not to forget. I keep a sharp eye on my phone. I go to the store for booze, if I didn't do it in advance. Something else like that in terms of grub. And so, on the balcony, sipping a beer and answering periodic greetings-until the end of the day. Doing the same thing as on a normal non-working day. The main thing is to spend it pleasantly.

  2. On this day, my grandmother calls me and congratulates me on my birthday, without her call I would not have remembered. And I do all the same things that I do on any other day.

    I don't celebrate my birthday.

  3. I shuffle my slippers on the floor all day in my nasty tights and enjoy the fact that today I have a day like “Shabbat”. I don't like it when everyone calls and wishes me health and all the best. I love it when my son-in-law congratulates me. He always brings a huge bouquet of roses, and in general a very nice guy. My beloved daughter will come and congratulate me. In the evening, we drink champagne with my husband and chat. I don't like guests on this day.

  4. it's a great idea to take a day off for a birthday, I'll adopt it. with my work, this will not always be possible, they may schedule a court session, but it will not be postponed, because the lawyer has a day off. I usually spend my birthday at work, and the evening in a cafe, where we predictably go with my husband and mothers. then, over the course of a week or two, I gradually meet up with friends, they are not friends with each other, and some do not know each other at all. with them, or on a quest, or in nature, or in the movies, or just walking. I like birthdays. unlike any March 8, days of Russia and new years, this is a real, and not a fictional holiday

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