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  1. So you think that if you don't have a relationship, then you don't live for yourself, and if you did, then you could live for yourself? I think that before you start a relationship with someone, you should decide what your expectations are from this relationship, since those who are equally involved in it are responsible for their development.

  2. In my opinion, real relationships need to be learned. On the one hand, it's good not to rush into relationships for the sake of having them. You can understand what you really want from a person and understand what you can match. On the other hand, you can overdo it with the desire to understand what you want and still not find the right person, in one case something is wrong, in the other something is wrong… Maybe that's why there are so many lonely people now. Every relationship, every person, brings us a certain experience, and if you rashly “meet”, for the sake of some internal tick, you can grab a bitter experience and then it will hurt not only the person and his partner. People like to blow on the water, having burned themselves on milk. The most important thing in a relationship, I believe, is acceptance and the ability to find compromises. A man lives with his cockroaches, and then a man appears with others. Puts his bottles, and then he is crowded by others, unusually. In relationships, you need to be able to smooth out corners, accept cockroaches, people are changeable, you can sublimate other people's minuses and get from them, if not pluses, then at least neutralize them. They come to this over time) maybe you are just not ready yet) and this is good to a certain extent, you will not break any firewood or psyche)))

  3. In my opinion, everything is very simple here. I certainly will not answer as a psychologist, but still. The first part of your question answers the second part of it. As soon as you start living for yourself, the question of rejections will immediately go away. Relax first, then start making your dreams come true. And there and to the relationship is not far away.

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