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  1. As an option, find a hobby, something to your liking and try to improve yourself in this. Seeing the results, what you do well (and you will definitely get better every time), you will feel confident in yourself.

  2. Just imagine what it would have been like if you hadn't been there.

    If you weren't there:

    Who would take out the trash today?(the simplest example) It would have been necessary for someone else, and so you made life easier for others by your existence.

    And so on: if you do your job well, who would be able to do it as well, bringing the same special contribution to the common cause? It is special, and not so high-quality, because each person is individual and complements society, making the picture complete.

  3. A good way is to fall in love with yourself. Imagine that you are a character in a TV series, consider this character carefully, day after day note some features, personality details. They are there. Don't like something? Correct it. You're the author. Then connect with that character.

    The value is already there – you are born. Next, look for the values that you are drawn to, without which you are not you, and show them in life.

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