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  1. Get distracted. For example, after passing the UNT (Kazakhstan's equivalent of the Unified State Exam) I went to bed😂 Alternatively, you can go to a training session, play a game console, etc.

  2. Carnegie, in his book “how to stop worrying,” suggested wonderful ways, for example.

    “If a person is faced with situations that are associated with excitement and anxiety, he should resort to the so-called “magic” formula of the American inventor Willis Carrier, which is as follows:
    You need to ask yourself the question: “What is the worst thing that can happen to me?”
    In advance to accept this “worst” and come to terms with it, if the need arises
    Calmly think about how you can change the situation”

    In your case, the worst-case scenario is that they'll tell you they'll kick you in the ass. Allowed it.
    In this case, you can either make an agreement and stay. Or it will recover in a year. In the worst case scenario, recover in a year. Allowed it.
    You'll lose a year. Sadly, no one died from it.
    And in order not to lose it, you can spend it on pressing problems: get a driver's license, learn a foreign language, play sports hard, and so on.

    There is also a tip where he suggests calculating the approximate probability of the worst outcome.
    In your case, the stars in the sky must match to turn. You must not pass the exam, you must not be allowed to correct it immediately, or you must be kicked out if you do not correct it a second time. You can't reach an agreement with anyone.

    This has never happened in my memory. Whatever the situation was, as soon as the ass caught fire-the option was found necessarily.

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