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  1. Courage is associated with initiative, activity of the individual. In addition, always go straight to difficulties, do not try to avoid them. The coward is trying to sit out, looking for reasons why he CAN't, etc.

  2. In my understanding, cowardice in learning is the fear of doing something new, making a mistake and thereby falling under the condemnation of anyone. The good thing about the learning process is that it allows you to make mistakes, and perhaps these same mistakes will help you quickly understand and learn how to do it correctly. Many people, on the contrary, do nothing because they are afraid of making a mistake… Courage, on the contrary, is not to be afraid of new things, to try, try, speak out, etc.

  3. Whose, where, and when?

    Often there is “cowardice” clogged, negatively motivated. Fear of doing something wrong, because relatives and teachers are already there…lee on the most can not do on this ground. Ну Well… from a loud mother – in general, there is no salvation, practically. From a loud teacher-and then it's not easy to save…

    The common place is quite justified under the Chekist usurper, as under Comrade Hitler (Stalin) before him, the fear of the Lubyanka. �That is, what is approved by the Chekists is true, period. Печ Sad. Do not think so in any case! Keeping silent, even talking, is one thing, but keep your freedom of thought.

    Fear of appearing like a fool (more likely in front of classmates than a teacher). As our teachers of the Academy of Sciences school used to say, if you are not the last losers of the class, then even your stupid question has already come to half of the heads of others – not the most stupid, by the way – fools have no questions; so – forget it and ask calmly.

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