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  1. Another myth of our time, invented by marketers to promote a particular product. He grew up on the basis of romantic ideas of the beatniks of the 1940s, and then the hippies of the 1970s. He is reflected in many works of art, for example, “The Wall”. It is implied that in the world there is a certain “gray mass” of “office plankton”, “cattle” – a “crowd” that lives by animal instincts and does not strive for anything sublime, spending its life stupidly in consumption, boring useless “work” and “rednecks”. Of course, it is used by the “oligarchy” and the ” police state “(no matter what) as a source of money and a bulwark of his throne. All this is a “system”. Which every self-respecting teenager should struggle with. This myth is still supported today by a large number of columnists and interior designers, CEOs of SMM startups and food photographers. They usually “go” against the system in their social media posts, where they write that the “system” is bad and that they are going against it.

    Modern icons of “campaigns against the system”, speaking out with their sermons of “another life”, for some reason do not give up bank accounts, using stores, registering their property and passports with the state, PR in the usual media, conducting their transactions in the jurisdiction of courts and arbitrations – and even from mainstream posing with a successfully pumped-up bicep, rubbed in advance with a trendy eco-friendly oil)) The real “anti – system” walkers are homeless people and repeat offenders. Everything else is just another simulacrum that calls for “fighting the system” from the TV screen by downloading a new fashionable app for just 9.99 and getting a special bandana to fight the system for 4.99.�

    There is such a phenomenon in women (there is no sexism here, it's just a psychological phenomenon, they don't realize it themselves). After many years of using the accounts, support, roof and protection of one or several men (the incidents of Volochkova, Saltykova, Khromchenko, Rudkovskaya, and Monroe, Winehouse, Gaga, in general, every second) – they are really sure that they “made themselves” and really do not relate one to the other, believing everything to be their personal achievement. This is not bad or good, but it just exists, and it cannot be changed, so you need to accept it. Vooot. Exactly the same psychological blinders prevent any person from communicating with any clerk, any loader and any gopnik in order to understand that there is no” gray mass”, that everyone is individual and sometimes hides such depths and heights from inattentive view, such activities, thoughts and hobbies-that you will swing. In other words, there is no” gray mass”. And the “system” is a set of objective economic and political conditions, which is like fighting the body's desire to eat, sleep, and defecate (these needs also limit our freedom and offend our high feelings). And “fighters with the system” are just players in a shooter game without a grid, with a computer or with themselves.

  2. “Don't go with the flow. Don't swim against the current. Go where you need to go!”

    Man is a social being, and even his biology contains a number of mechanisms necessary for the functioning of society.

    In particular, during puberty, there is a desire not to obey. It is not designed for the social upheaval of each successive generation. The goal is timely departure from the parent family, and for many, from the tribe. But in the modern world, there is nowhere to go – there are no undeveloped places. So the unwillingness to obey results not in an outcome, but in a riot. For most, this goes away as they get older. The trouble is that everyone grows up later, and many never do.

  3. To be completely different from the role that the state and society impose on you. It is also desirable to make this “wrong thing” attractive to society, then you can say that you not only went against the system, but also broke it to the trolls.

  4. First, you need to understand what you mean by “system”?

    From the context of the question, it follows that you mean to go against something imposed on you, against your will or against your will.

    If this were the case, then the concept of “going against the system” would include expressing disagreement with some specific ideas, thoughts, and requirements of some group of people in which size does not matter.

    But even in this case, it would always be possible to avoid the impact of negative factors of this very, unfriendly, to you personally, this system.

    And it wouldn't be so hard to do that!

    Why is it not difficult?

    Yes, because the system is a system in order to have certain rules that the system cannot fail to comply with, otherwise it is not a system.

    Among other things, the system must reproduce itself according to the rules established in it and according to the idea on the basis and around which this system exists.

    And finally, you can go against the system only when you are not a member of this very system.

    Since your question is asked here, and not in Germany, it means that you are referring to a certain system in which you are currently located.

    What do you think this system is and who are you in it?

    A participant or a non – logged-in person?

    The questions are not idle, because the answer to them depends on whether you will understand what I am writing about…

    The system is me, you, he, she, they!

    Let me explain, the system of current states is the same and it is built and created around ideology:


    If you support this ideology, you are a “system” that recreates itself on your children, grandchildren, and possibly great-grandchildren.

    “Go against the system” – can you?

    Against yourself, against your children, or against your grandchildren?

    Will you go?”

    There is certainly a way to “go against the system” and it is ONE!

    This will not support the system and then it will break on your children, and then, if you can explain the basis of the system to your children,then on your grandchildren.

    This is the only way to “go against the system”.

  5. Each of us has ever gone “against the system”.

    If you crossed the road in the wrong place or went outside to quarantine without a mask, you were going against the system. If you withheld an income of one thousand rubles without making a declaration of income , you went against the system.

    Most people go against it cautiously and stealthily, like walking on thin ice across a river or pond. Or unconsciously.

    But there are those who do it consciously, demonstratively, trying to reach out, as a protest to be heard. Like the artist Pavlensky or Marabagdasaryan.

    A complete analogy with the case when a child goes against the parent, whom he can not reach and does everything to spite him, so that he changed and began to accept him as he is.

    Out of desperation.

    And the parent remains cold or dismissive. Or he puts forward impossible conditions on which he will give the child unconditional love and accept him as he is.

  6. Going against the system doesn't mean getting smart on blogs, going to rallies, or engaging in criminal activity. Going against the system means building an alternative reality. Build your own world and your own security systems and depend as little as possible on the state. Of course, you must pay taxes. Because the elderly and the maintenance of orphanages requires money. To give up part of the upoat of taxes, if you honestly provide for some of the elderly and orphanages yourself. Fair enough, then. But we must remember that taxes are a bribe to the state. By accepting them, it becomes an accomplice in the activity and becomes dependent on you, and not vice versa. Well, the most important thing. You need to create a product that will be useful to people, but you can only buy it from you. And you are here today, and there tomorrow, and you don't depend on the country.

  7. There is no system. There are gangs of rulers who, due to their parasitism and the satisfaction of their dominant instinct, strive with all their might to enslave the rest of the population living on the same territory as them. And now ask yourself, everyone, what is the difference between the people and the population? You can enslave the population, but you can't enslave the people! Who are you after that?

  8. Go against the system.. it means not agreeing with the policy of the current government, which does not perceive the people and accepts all the laws of life support not for the benefit of the people, but in spite of them, violating the norms and morals of the world community.

  9. Ooo well, you know, �is a favorite teenage fantasy)))
    Although in general, ” it is really possible to observe “some people in a rigid fixed framework who manage to rebel there.
    and so, in general , the world is a diverse enough place that no one even needs to rebel.

    you can always go there, your desire, if not approved, then at least not pursued.

    Naturally, there are always people who simply like to “rebel”.

  10. I don't want to look where they're trying to make me look. Think with your own head. Read documents in the original source. Often ask yourself the question: Who benefits from this?

  11. Do not accept the “values” that this system aggressively imposes. Vote not as you were told, but in your own way. Express your protest at protest actions.

  12. to go against the system, you need to understand it, at least the basics, but when you are too rearmed, you step against it on your armor, then it will burn you and not choke, but if you will arrange “catch-up” with it, then you will like each other so much that you will not notice how you are already walking in the same direction, even if you look at the world differently

  13. People tend to think in a cliched way, and labels are applied to all possible animate or inanimate objects of existence. Marketers are familiar with all sorts of ways to influence the human psyche, but the truth is that each person is somewhat unique, and under certain circumstances can stand out from the masses. So I completely agree with the author on this issue. I don't know how much you can call it exactly a certain disease of our time, because even in primitive tribes various rituals were performed, and the roles intended for each member of the tribe inevitably lead to the creation of certain patterns.

  14. As for the fact that there is no gray mass, I'm willing to bet. I myself almost daily encounter representatives of this very gray mass. Just yesterday, I heard from a resident of my city that she was annoyed by a new sculptural composition depicting musicians installed in one of the squares of this very city. When I asked her why, she said, ” Who needs it and why?” I am her: “But it's beautiful!” and she said, ” What's so beautiful about it? It would be better if the money spent on this sculpture was distributed to single mothers!”�

    Of course, you can understand this woman. She is a single mother, and the state allowance is only enough for a meager meal (thanks to which she has a very curvy shape), paying bills (for electricity and water, which are almost never turned off), cheap cigarettes (and she can't afford Marlboros), modest (by Israeli standards) clothes and buying her daughter not the most powerful and not the most advanced game console. This lady somehow tries not to think about going to work, at least on a part-time basis. Of course, then who would sit at home with her teenage girl and make sure that she didn't smoke pot or make love to grown-up uncles of Arab origin, who elevated any light-skinned Russian girl to the rank of a goddess just because her appearance was radically different from the appearance of their wives, burning brown-eyed brunettes, naively assuming that her husband was late at work or�

    So what are there sculptures-shmulptury, not up to them poor mother-odnonochke, here would make ends meet and” minus ” in the bank to block. And at the same time to wander around the shopping center and buy a lot of different kinds of trinkets, justifying this with chronic depression caused by the loss of meaning in life and disorientation of the individual.

    And if it's not a gray mass, then I just don't know what a “gray mass”is.

    Sincerely yours,�

    Jan Albertovich Denenberg,


  15. Each state has its own internal policy and this policy affects every person living in this state. If this policy suits a person,then he supports it, and if not, then he expresses his vision as it should be in his opinion. This expression can also be applied to working or creative groups. With respect.

  16. The system is not necessarily systemic. In this sense, the expression is not correct. Rather, it is understood as a set of rules and norms that are not necessarily interrelated with each other,but undoubtedly dominant and overwhelming any alternative. To defend this alternative is to go against the system. What's interesting? You can also go against the system formally, without rejecting it at all, or even refuting it. Encroaching not on its system-forming features. on something secondary that the “overthrower” will not exclude from the system. An example? A systemic opposition that is not at all opposed to the “oligarchy” system and the master-slave relations that form its basis. Is it going against the system? So much so that you won't notice it.

  17. The question is not quite correct. There are a great many systems against which you can theoretically go. The expediency of the path depends, among other things, on the chosen system that you are going to fight against. The system of social values, the system of state governance, the system of the economic model, the system of transnational morality, the religious system, the system of labor relations at work, etc. etc. If we are to raise the question of the general concept of movement against the system, then it can be really useful only if the following factors are observed: 1. Competence in the subject being challenged, preferably officially confirmed (for example, a diploma of education in the chosen field). 2. Real objective criticism of current realities. 3. Constructive suggestions in opposition to current realities. 4. Willingness not only to go against the system, but also to gather the electorate, work with them and lead them. 5. Willingness to sacrifice absolutely everything in your life to achieve your cherished goal. 6. Willingness to make the most difficult choices, if necessary. 7. Willingness to change your point of view if the arguments presented reduce your entire movement to zero and you have seen this for yourself.

  18. When I was a kid, I was a hippie,the KGB (FSB) has a dossier on me, I saw it, they gave me a couple of pages to read.But I didn't think,like many hipsters,that I was going against the system,it was just a joke.Now.”..I know exactly what it means to go against the System-to read books, a lot of books, to study History and Politics, to understand. However, this is also a System.

  19. completely different, because the systems are different, and the campaigns against them are also different. For example, Christ went against the system that enslaves people, but He did not just break it, He showed an alternative. Lenin and Trotsky also went against the system, but what they offered in return was much worse. Therefore, the question is such that in a nutshell you will not answer and on the move you will not understand. Sometimes pride forces you to go against some system:�

    “If they give you paper in a line, write across it.”(c)
    A phrase worthy of a teenager professing protest for the sake of protest, and it does not matter that it is not convenient to write across, the main thing is not to be like everyone else.
    But the main thing is not how to write, but what to write.
    I think that more emphasis should be placed not against something, but rather for something that is true, reasonable, good, eternal. And to do this, you need to find this good thing.

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