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  1. Seriously, how can the vibration of air caused by the work of the human vocal cords affect the structure of this biopolymer?In this case, we would have a whole bunch of mutations just after visiting a nightclub.I think there is nothing to say about the” negative energy” of abusive words.

  2. Perhaps you will scold an influential person, he will not like it, and he will send you to live out your days in exile in Chernobyl. Then, perhaps, some genetic changes may occur. Ahaha, lol, what a question at all.

  3. Let's say the mat affects the DNA.

    Then the DNA molecules must distinguish between swear words and ordinary ones.

    Obviously, they are not capable of this.

    It becomes more interesting if you look more broadly.�

    In a society where swear words are frowned upon by a part of society (for example, in our society), people will involuntarily share on the basis of “my attitude to swear words”. Couples are more likely to enter into groups based on this trait. Thus, the mat affects not specific genes and DNA molecules, but the genotype as a whole.

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