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  1. It affects just like any other hobby. If watching TV shows or reading long book epics is fun, then why not enjoy the process? When it comes to fanaticism, not fanaticism, there's nothing wrong with that.

    When a person is genuinely attached to a certain story, world, and characters, it is quite natural that he does not want to lose them — after all, they are comfortable, cozy, and interesting. Therefore, films have sequels and offshoots (“Alien”, “Star Wars”, “James Bond”), comic series have been published for decades, favorite books continue to live in fan creativity (“Harry Potter”,” The Lord of the Rings”,” Stalker”), and watching the hundredth episode of your favorite TV series turns into gatherings with an old friend. Long stories with a sequel are a steady dose of fun in our lives, which are already saturated with events, information and people.

    By the way, an interesting lecture by the philosopher Kirill Martynov was posted on Post-science (postnauka.ru), in which the author voiced the idea that top TV shows (he spoke on the example of Breaking Bad) can serve as a modern analogue of the” big novel”, which has not only entertainment, but also cultural and educational value.

  2. In general, TV shows have a therapeutic effect on a person.

    Let me explain. Normally, in a healthy person, the three basic drives, sexual, aggressive, and life-long, are realized within socially acceptable limits, without accumulating for a long time, but without absolute, devastating discharge. On the example of hunger – without waiting for the stomach to swell, I ate, remaining slightly hungry. But not all of our drives and not always get an adequate outlet, so our dreams and fantasies help to discharge the accumulated energy, and TV shows and so on can help in this.

    But there is one “but”. Attachment to something that you don't influence is always a risk, because, for example, if the hero you associate yourself with is killed, it will be unpleasant, and nothing can be changed.

  3. In my experience, watching TV shows is a time-killing hobby. And here there are two options for the development of events -either you “kill” him with someone else, or you spend time idling, without any benefit at all. Choose for yourself.

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