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  1. Every person has an intuition.

    Intuition is an unconscious knowledge, for example, when you know or feel which answer is correct, or when you know for sure that it is not the correct answer, but you cannot consciously explain why you know it. This happens when the knowledge about how the answer was found did not reach a conscious level in order to justify it.

    Intuition is trained as a muscle, for example, on the intuition simulator, for example here https://e-potok.com/prorok

  2. The previous speaker was not entirely accurate. The brain works to the maximum of what should work, but the point is different. Intuition is a simplified way to accept inference without building a complex logical chain. Sometimes it is based on a random assumption or logic that you have already understood, but have not yet had time to comprehend.

    Everyone has intuition and logic. For example, we see a slightly reddened metal object in sunny, hot weather. Intuitively, we can assume that it is hot. To create a full-fledged logical chain, we need more data and clarification of its original color, but intuition will help us behave more carefully with this item. On the other hand, it is a problem in society. We see a Caucasian man with a beard in the entrance and hear his accent. We intuitively assume that we should be wary of such people, and if we start a conversation with them, we will behave biased. And this may be a doctor of science from Yerevan, who will consider that the local population is extremely rude and closed to communication.

  3. A person has a conscious and subconscious mind. Consciousness, if it is not purposefully developed, is very limited, it is full of patterns, stereotypes,and logical thinking is more or less accessible to it. Intuition is a channel of communication with the subconscious mind, which works according to completely different laws. For example, our consciousness does not even know what enzymes are produced by the adrenal glands in certain cases, which muscles are involved in nodding, turning, somersaulting, somersaulting, what exactly and where our blood is carrying at this second and how exactly the brain processes information, and our subconscious mind knows all this so brilliantly that it controls all this so smoothly that our consciousness in the physiological sense is enough just to eat, drink, go to the toilet and The subconscious mind is the whole universe. Consciousness is a grain of sand that thinks a lot about itself,has a bloated ego and a lot of tangled junk in itself. But we all have intuition, and most of us have it so drowned out by external and internal noise that it doesn't seem to exist.�

    How does it work? Since this is just a communication channel, it works on demand. That is, we should think about something for a long time in a variety of ways, focusing special attention on the result we want to get,think both logically and figuratively, and eventually even get tired and come to a dead end. And when we are already desperate to get a solution using our favorite calculator “Consciousness 2017”, you need to relax, stop thinking with your brain, go to rest,you can even say to yourself:”Subconscious mind help.”If you don't have an epiphany by the next day, well, who bothers to repeat everything again, but rest after that, bringing yourself to a state close to meditation, walking in nature, listening to classics, the murmur of a stream, being in a state between sleep and reality. So you can get an answer to any question and solve any problem, because the subconscious mind can do anything.

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