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  1. Well, feminists are annoyed by this, it is known. They just think that a woman should not be beautiful – this is, they say, a stereotype imposed by chauvinistic males who perceive a woman as a sexual object, which is kind of offensive.

    In fact, as you know, no one owes anyone anything, especially “a priori”: if you don't want to be beautiful, don't be. If you do not earn money by your appearance (actor/actress, model, etc.), then your only drawback will be a slight decrease in facability. Just what it means: even for women, the role of beauty should not be exaggerated – no wonder there are a lot of lonely beauties and a lot of ugly girls with a perfectly arranged personal life.

  2. What kind of nonsense is this? Why should a woman be beautiful and a man not?�

    Everyone is free to choose whether or not they want to take care of themselves. Taking care of yourself is to emphasize the details of the appearance that a person likes best and hide those that are less.�

    And leave your “must – must not” messages. You only have to do what you took on yourself and follow the laws. What someone else is trying to impose on you will appear in the “must-not” list only at the moment when you want it.�

    Everything else is from the evil one.

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