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  1. A person who says that everything will be bad (future tense) is a pessimist.

    A person who says how bad things are right now (present tense) is a negativist.

    The person who says it used to be better (past tense) is oldfag the old man.

  2. If briefly and clearly, it turns out like this:
    The pessimist sees everything badly — the glass is half full, we will not succeed, I am too lazy.
    The negativist sees what is not there — the sky without clouds, tea without sugar, food without smell.
    That is, a simple pessimist is boring and sad, and a negative critic

  3. In a nutshell, a pessimist is a person with a bleak picture of the world, one who is able to find obstacles in any situation.

    A negativist is someone who describes situations in a negative way. That is, it focuses not on what is, but on what is not. Example of a negativist saying: “The sky is cloudless” (in this situation, the positivist will say: “The sky is clear”)

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