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  1. To learn to play tennis you need to play tennis, to learn to swim you need to swim, to learn to think you need to think. To simplify things, we have two systems of thinking: automatic (say, open the door of your apartment with a key) and conscious (you operated on it when you tried to open the same door with a key for the first time). Try to minimize automatic decision-making in favor of conscious decision-making where it makes sense. If you want to dive deep into the topic, I recommend Daniel Kahneman's book Thinking Fast and Slow, and you can “practice” on Dmitry Chernyshev's “How people Think”.

  2. Try to use rational thinking.Think about each of your actions.You don't need to do everything automatically.Solve logic problems, Sudoku, and play chess.All these activities develop your ability to think to one degree or another.Another important ability that a thinking person needs is the ability to predict the consequences of certain actions,that is, to think ahead.Try to develop in many areas in order to become a multi-faceted person and just an interesting conversationalist with your own point of view and philosophy.

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