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  1. The soul is not thinking. The soul is what you will think about, what you will strive for. This is what shapes your life strategies, the reason for how you build your life.

  2. The soul is thinking. My head doesn't think. It only gets information from outside. The soul is in every cell of the body and beyond. The soul can be big and small.

  3. There is a very interesting passage from the book “Special Relationship” by Jodie Picault. “All reactions to external stimuli can be given a logical justification. The person pulls his hand away from the fire so as not to get burned. Before an important performance, your stomach turns cold, because the adrenaline coursing through your veins triggers a physiological “fight or flight” response to stress. But there is no reasonable explanation for why people react to music by tapping their feet, feeling the urge to sing along, or start dancing. That is why some believe that our reaction to music is only proof that a person is not just a biological and physiological organism, and the only explanation is that our spiritual essence reacts, and this first of all means that a person has a soul.”
    And really, if you look at it, we all like such different music, different sounds. We're all afraid of different things. From birth, all children react differently to many stimuli – in my opinion, this clearly shows that in addition to our conscious, subconscious, there is something else, unknown, that makes us wonder about ourselves and other people every day. The human body is an extremely amazing system, but I don't think that at this rate of development, hormones have a response to everything that happens to us, and to everything that we see, hear and feel.
    And I recommend the book, by the way, with:

  4. I think that the soul should be called that part of our personality that is completely free, that is, whose actions are not forced. It is the soul that instructs neurons to occupy a certain position in the brain and send certain signals to each other. It is the soul that is responsible for our thinking, memory, and behavior. And it is the soul that makes us human, and not a complex mechanism that does not have free will.

  5. I am sure that no one can answer you the question ” is there a soul?”. If you are interested in opinions, then here is mine: there is a soul. It differs from thoughts in that thoughts I think. They're mine. My Soul Is Also Mine. The soul is an idea, the fruit of my thoughts, because everything I know about the soul is either borrowed or invented by me. But by whom? Who is this Me who thinks all this, writes now, etc. A person named Gleb is also part of thinking. And all I can say about Myself and My soul is also thinking. But behind all this there is an invisible observer, of whom I can only think and imagine that perhaps it is my soul. The soul is something that can only be experienced, like love, which you can talk about endlessly, but never call it. Because love and what I think about it are different things and I understand it when I look into the eyes of my beloved and no thoughts are already there. To “understand” something about the soul, you need to go beyond the barriers of your own thinking, feel it directly, and then you will understand how naive it is to talk about it on the Internet.

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