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  1. I can prove from personal experience that it really contributes to the maintenance and development of intelligence, if you do this constantly. If you constantly strain your brain — there will be development. I know from my fellow professors, because many are already over 80, at an advanced age — and excellent memory, intelligence, because people are constantly engaged in intellectual activities.

    If people are used to thinking and working, they are interested in the environment, science, everything new — straining the brain and developing intelligence becomes not even a habit, but a way of life. My memory becomes selective with age: I forget my last names, but everything that concerns my profession works perfectly. I give a lot of lectures for both students and school teachers. Any scientific activity, logical tasks, the same Sudoku, help to support thinking.

  2. Any mental activity will somehow affect the maintenance of brain activity. Therefore, of course, it is good and useful to do this at any age. By playing sudoku, completing crosswords or crosswords, you will use both memory and logical thinking. I think it is difficult to compare mental and muscular activity, but regular exercise is important in both cases. It is better to develop mental activity regularly, even if not so often, once a week, for example.

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