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  1. Well, who has how. For some, they come true. Some don't. I haven't seen any research or statistics on this topic. And the idea, I think, is very simple. When you see your dreams in front of your eyes (you will hang the map on the wall, and not put it under the bed, right?), then the probability of performing some actions in this direction increases significantly. Please note that it is not the probability of realizing your dream, but the probability that you will perform actions aimed at achieving this dream. This is the first one.

    And the second. When you make such a map, there is an opportunity to think about what you really want. Concentrate, and stick on the map what you want as much as possible. Plus the creativity in the process of creating such a map. And creativity is always useful.

  2. Be afraid of your wishes — they tend to come true. This is a quote from the Master and Margarita. In my own destiny, the wishes are fulfilled, if they are fulfilled, then very often with a sub-twist. Well, them, these desires. Just live.

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