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  1. It is not very clear about low inclinations. But you have to learn to live with them. Learn to understand when you can give them free rein and when you can't. And as for the positive features, then only the power of the driver and diligence will help. But the main thing is to find some incentive, meaning to become better. For your own sake, for the sake of your family, for the sake of a loved one, or for the sake of your favorite dog / cat. The main thing is to have a goal. Without a goal, nothing really works. And it doesn't make sense.

  2. You need to change yourself with the help of a woman who can change you.If you are trying to change yourself,then you are alone.I advise you to pray.Only you should be able to change,if you don't know how,then don't do anything.

  3. Too abstract and vague. “Lowly tendencies”, “useful traits”, “change yourself” – all this is about nothing. Say exactly what you want. Stop going to the bathroom once and for all? Learn to open beer with your eye? So far, this is a set of vague cliches that don't make much sense.

  4. I never noticed a craving for lowly inclinations and deliberately never eradicated anything in myself. But at some point in my life – in the morning in front of the mirror or stepping on the escalator in the subway, I may suddenly realize that I have changed in comparison with myself six months ago. For example, I do not react sharply to any situation as I would have reacted earlier. Or I am guided by other principles in making any decision. At times like this, I think I've grown up. It means that I'm not lying around in a ditch and trying (or trying)to achieve great things so this is not only my merit, but also my parents and the environment, and the school, and education.

  5. I gave birth to a son and seriously thought about his upbringing even before this event. I gave up bad habits, and instilling good ones in my son, I eventually got used to them myself. �

    But kittens, I feel great if some “good habits” go against your well-being-think 10 times whether the game is worth the candle. I tried to run and earned only pain in my knees with: Yes, and besides, an antisocial bore and sometimes (not) being a mother hen cost a lot of work and millions of nerve cells.

  6. GENRICH, hello.

    I don't know what low inclinations are, and I don't know what useful traits are. I did not think and do not think in such categories.�

    • There are goals
    • There are life situations on the way to the goal
    • There is a concept of effectiveness of actions in relation to the goal
      I removed everything that does not give the desired efficiency and acquired what gives it. Lots and lots of work with and on yourself. “Cleaning up the inefficient” also included those skills and habits that are considered useful and positive by many. The opinion of others and the rules of society were not taken into account and are not taken into account.�

    How did you do it?

    I considered (superficially) different systems and practices and took from there what was useful at the moment. Psychology, business, esotericism, magic, divination, philosophy, economics. I took only parts, not the whole system. I didn't follow any system in general, but created my own. For a certain period of time, while it was working. Then I destroyed it and created a new one. Everything should be working, practical and help here and now, in real cases and situations. As soon as some tools stopped giving the desired efficiency, I changed them to others.�

    I didn't put on any roles. I did not become a cog of the system, training, or training. I didn't defend any system or doctrine, but I used everything I could get my hands on.�

    I didn't trust anyone or anything, including myself. Authorities did not exist and do not exist in principle. I have no opinion of my own. For the sake of someone or something, I didn't do anything and I don't do it.

    I answered as best I could.

  7. It depends on what is considered base inclinations. Everything related to sex, lust, lust and other things I have not overcome and will not-this is the norm. And the rest – stealing, killing, and even gluttony-is not about me.

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