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  1. For a while, it was like, ” Why do people talk to me at all? Why are they still relatively nice to me? Do I deserve any attention?”

  2. “I'm going to die someday (I don't even know when) and there's nothing I can do about it” – that's how insignificance and helplessness are unobtrusively formulated in my head.

  3. if you promote the development of, for example, neuroscience or neural network programming, then the chance of living up to the creation of brain modification technology will be increased, and it will launch a technological singularity that may give humanity immortality, during which it will be possible to study the whole world, personally learning 100% whether life is insignificant and meaningless, or still important and necessary.

  4. My mother told me as a child that she wanted her children to be the best. I always told her that it was impossible, not because I was somehow wrong, but because all this is subjective and for all parents their children are the best. Over time, this thought began to progress and turned into something like a certain belief that everyone before me had already invented, studied, written thousands of papers, conducted research, and I, it turns out, was just gnawing on someone else's thought. Another question is that at the moment when I consciously lost faith in G-d, I turned to philosophy in order to find answers to my questions. And still found it. The essence of human existence is knowledge. In knowing yourself, your surroundings, and something outside of all these areas. Simply in knowledge. And when you reach this catharsis, you begin to understand that insignificance is also essentially insignificant. This puts it in a recursion circle and that's it. Profit! You're amazing.

  5. You are not the piece of shit that the world revolves around.

    This formulation is a universal response to one's own manifestations of egocentrism with a “minus” sign, i.e. exaggerating one's own role in interpreting someone else's behavior (for example, “she stopped calling because I annoy her”).

    But this is from the field of interpersonal relations. And on the scale of the universe – verbally still no way. But sometimes I look at pictures of space, or the Earth from space, or just look at the stars. This is quite enough to feel the futility of (personal) existence.

  6. My own insignificance came with the fact that whatever I understood, it was understood by others at least a thousand years ago.

    Whatever you say-then it turns out that it's not your words, comrade!

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