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  1. What does it mean to be successful? Try to answer the question: Were your parents born for happiness or success? If it's for happiness, and you've been successful, then there's no question. If-for success, how successful is the person really? And is he happy?

    I had a very talented and beautiful girl at a psychological consultation. Her mother gave birth to success. She is neither happy nor successful.

    Remember the fairy tale “Sold Laughter”. There the boy was successful in society. But is it successful in life? And definitely unhappy.

  2. “Success” is a thing that, like everything else related to social status and material wealth, can easily be taken away by circumstances beyond your control. I have friends who were successful, but then lost fake friends along with success, and so on. I also know other people who are obsessed with success, not having time to live.
    It is important to understand that in this socio-economic system, at any given time on the planet Earth, there is room for monetary and social success for a limited number of people. The possibility of success for everyone is a myth, because if everyone becomes successful, there will be no one to serve coffee and wash dishes. And the reason for this is not laziness and passivity. Let's assume that everyone decides to drop their “passivity” and go into business at the same time. The economy is going to collapse. Therefore, outsiders in the current world are inevitable and they will always be in the majority. The system needs them, so it is the system that is responsible for their failure.
    In my personal opinion, other things are more important: knowledge, skills, principles that you value, real friends, true love, and your favorite profession. Moreover, the first four positions in the list are not so easy to take away as an ephemeral “success”.
    The above does not cancel the right to dare, to search for yourself, to achieve goals. I just think that social status and money are secondary adjectives to real success. I know an old doctor who saved several thousand children in the course of his life. He has not made much money in comparison with any successful young trader, although he is not poor, his authority is high, but only in the medical environment. Is this doctor successful? In my opinion, he is more successful than many “successful” people. His success is the success of self-development, which has generated the success of many people, patients (many rescued children grew up to be chess players, pilots, engineers, scientists, etc.) and students (he never taught, but raised dozens of successful doctors).
    To summarize: in my opinion, self-development is most important, success is secondary and unimportant.

  3. The importance of the event is determined by you. What is important to you in your life and relationships?

    Please answer this question. Then you will understand how important (or not) it is. be successful.

  4. It is important for a person to be happy, but everyone has their own paths to happiness. If the feeling of happiness gives a sense of success, then it is very important to be successful in order to be happy. But the very fact of success does not guarantee happiness, so you can be successful and not be happy. And the question arises: then why all this?

  5. The title of the question is reminiscent of the famous Oscar Wilde comedy.)

    It's important to be as successful as you need to be. Success opens all the roads for you and fulfills your dreams. If you consider public recognition to be the meaning of your life,then success is your best friend .What can be more important than success in reaching heights? Successful person-respectable in all aspects.He is respected somewhere in the depths of himself by everyone,but often only bad things come out, we call it “envy”. Some people are not capable of striving for something,and so instead of showing respect, they show envy, because they are not capable of anything else. This is how their universe works, ala “he could-so they won't let me do it”,well, or similar nonsense. You should not pay attention to them and try to save yourself for them, if because of this you lose your success. Although this is everyone's choice.

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