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  1. In our” own ” environment, We don't necessarily like anyone. Absolutely, without evaluating it as “your own-someone else's”! You've heard something . about everyday life in the Roma community? There are sooooo passions bubbling up there!- And a blood feud, (age-old,) irreconcilable, already poorly explained! Old people, it is nurtured and groomed. They are passed on to children and grandchildren… hate FOR YOUR OWN people… but a stranger!- It's another matter, let them try , say, the OMON, to pull out . someone from their crowd!- ” The most monolithic people! Exactly the same . Muslims and Caucasians behave. Ukrainians don't like Russians. Romanians – Moldovans. Georgians -Armenians. The English – the French ! Poles . in general, – no one! Go through the political map of the WORLD! No one likes neighbors! For what? – A . you never know..! But the circumstances. sometimes. they force you to . be friends. against someone . the third one. Temporary blocks and unions are created. Exactly.- temporary! While mining . shares honestly. And in any case. jew.”once and for all. elected to the common-Alien! He's here . nearby. And it can poison OUR well. Drink all OUR water. etc! Remember the slanders. Most of them, later. they defy any explanation. But no one is going to analyze it!. “It's been a long time! AND THAT'S IT!

  2. Just like people might think all blonds are fools and all blacks can play basketball. There is such a thing as stereotypes. They are firmly embedded in the culture and, in fact, should perform a positive function. They allow a person to analyze other people less and load their brain and memory less with these daily acquaintances. And in the case of things that we choose, stereotypes work. That is, if you see a person who dresses like a punk, acts like a punk, and talks like a punk, then they probably listen to punk music as well. And you don't need to take the time to clarify it.
    But with things like race, gender, and age, such things work much worse. But since there is a mechanism, it is also used here. This is how stereotypes about Jews are formed. Often quite unpleasant. About their avarice or constant cunning. This already makes people dislike them.�
    Another reason for hatred of Jews can be a dislike of all others in general. The same xenophobia that was already mentioned in another answer. Now it is generally fashionable and acceptable in many parts of our society to shout: “I am Russian.”�
    In addition, the very concept of Jews is not particularly clear. Whether it's a race or a religion. They live everywhere, but they also have their own country. They have quite strong connections within the community and help their own people. So, it's definitely not Ours.
    And these two things – unflattering stereotypes and xenophobia-are mixed up with the third. With the necessity of the enemy. After all, if everything is bad in our country, then we can't be to blame ourselves. This is a Jewish Masonic conspiracy (they are cunning, rich and not one of our own). Well, at the very least, reptilian.
    To the pile, you can still remember Judaism and self-attitude towards yourself as the chosen people (if I'm not confusing anything), which also causes negative emotions. You can recall territorial conflicts.
    And all these situations together create all this.

  3. You have asked a very deep question that is difficult to answer succinctly and unambiguously. And at the same time, a full answer can cause another, let's say, unwanted wave of criticism of anti-Semitism adherents. But I'll take the risk.�
    According to the researchers, ” … xenophobia(anti-Semitism in this case is a specific focus on a particular race)�is a failure of the genetic mechanism, which explains its irrationality and lack of commitment to rational arguments.
    And ” irrational fear does not have a specific cause and does not necessarily have public support or legislative stimulation. “

    The opinion of the masses at one time was well formulated by E. Ermolova: “They are the most beloved and respected, while they are dissolved among others. They are unbearable when they come together to whine about their oppression and despise everyone who is not their own. Sometimes they know how to be the best of us under any circumstances, and then their respect is worth a lot.”

    My opinion is that if each of us dig deep into the genealogy, it may turn out that we are not only all a little Jewish, but also related to each other.

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