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  1. Well, to begin with, it should be said that taste is a philosophical category that has not been clearly defined in its definition. Since ancient times, many thinkers have debated this topic in a very complex way, and there is still no consensus on what its nature is.

    However, everything is based on the fact that the basic categories of aesthetics are innate and thus genetically determined, but in addition-we all know how much influence has a lifetime experience: both cultural (family and general cultural) and individual.

    Obviously, being constantly in a particular environment affects your understanding of what is beautiful. But at the same time, the presence of “signs” in the culture, which are generally accepted and established, also sets an understanding of aesthetics. And one's own taste, therefore, is a synthesis of personal innate preferences; preferences determined by the external environment, upbringing; and categories transmitted by culture: traditional patterns and modern current trends. By comparison, the internal movements of these forces give the resulting force.

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