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  1. It all depends on the person. Also from the power of attachment. If the attachment was strong, then at least a year or two. Although there are people who will remember 10 years, even with a new partner.

    If there is such a problem, you need to contact a specialist. All the tips for getting distracted by a hobby or knocking out a wedge with a wedge work only in individual cases.

    Yes, and if your partner left you, then the problem is not only that you would forget. But also in you and in your relationship.

  2. It all depends on how long the partners were together and what kind of relationship they had. There are situations when you sigh with relief after a breakup and think, ” It's finally over.” And some people for years can not let go and recover, amuse themselves with hopes that everything can still be returned, categorically do not let new people come to them. And this is also wrong.

    I was in a relationship with a guy. We dated for almost 2 years, and during that time we went through a lot together. However, the circumstances turned out to be such that we had to break up – it can't be said that one of us is to blame for this. It just happened. But I still suffered for a long time, I thought ,” but if I hadn't done it then, maybe everything would have been different…”. For about six months, I couldn't let go of this situation, I closed myself off from the whole world. And only then gradually began to move away, thaw out from the breakup, enter the usual channel. But it was hard.

    Now that I look back on it, I realize that the torment could have been avoided. Yes, a lot of time has passed since then, emotions have subsided, life experience has appeared, but at that time it seemed like a real tragedy. And it was easier to prevent this storm in my soul than to figure out what to do with it later. But this is life, and everyone experiences breakups in their own way. There is no universal solution to this problem.

  3. Well, about as long as we met. After 6 years, I let her go, maybe it was also influenced by the fact that she finally got married, and the mutual torment stopped and the islands of hope finally sank)

    I think it also depends on the attachment. We had a very strong and deep emotional connection. This also definitely affected all these swings and the fear of letting go. Even after all these years, I'm glad common sense prevailed. I can't say that we would have failed 100 %. Relationships are always a compromise in something, everything can be agreed upon, but in general, we had slightly different views on life.

  4. After falling in love with a new soulmate. This is the case when the wedge is kicked out only by the wedge. I also advise you not to drown out alcohol and corrupt girls, it is better to hit a hobby or work.

  5. In fact, in different ways. Most often, the bouncer is a wedge with a wedge, but when you find this wedge that will kick out is a good question.�

    Last time, a month was enough. But it wasn't so much that I'd found someone. We quarreled and, in general, it was going to break up for good and stop communicating. And then, almost a month later, we agreed to meet and discuss everything calmly. But just on the day of the meeting, I saw that she was now with my (once) friend. And everything. At that moment, I let go of her altogether. for me, it no longer existed.

    Now the head remembers, of course, everything, but there is no feeling of “I miss you”. If only because I don't have empathy and I don't know how to “get bored”.

  6. Well, from experience-alas, I haven't let go yet(the duration of the relationship is 2 years, we broke up-1 year ago). However, I perfectly understand and realize that everything-you need to get rid of it, but the human soul is arranged according to the principle – you quickly get used to everything good. The most important thing is to realize that you are no longer together. Partial introspection, introspection can help to cope with the breakup. The most important thing is not to blame yourself or your partner. Of course, a relationship is a connection between two people, but nevertheless, if you start blaming the other, it is so close to hatred, which will lead to a negative attitude in the future.

    Advice for those who are not confident in their abilities-do not keep everything to yourself, it is important to talk to someone about how you feel, thereby you will ease the soul, which is in my opinion the most important thing when letting go of a person.

  7. Since 2011, until now ( in the shower ) I can't let her go, just apparently stuck to her very much. I will fulfill any whim of it, but I know that I will not apply. I miss her very much, although I am happy for her – now she is doing well.

  8. In three years. It was the day of our wedding anniversary, no longer necessary for anyone, but on this day the Boeing crashed near Perm. And I sat there getting drunk, crying, and crying over my shattered marriage. When the dreadful news broke on TV, I suddenly realized how badly I'd spent the last three years. I sit here and get all snotty over a man who doesn't give a damn about me anymore. he has his own life for a long time, and mine is also rapidly shortening and it's not a fact that it won't end tomorrow just like all these people. It took me literally a few minutes to sober up both physically and mentally, and I immediately said goodbye to him mentally and never thought about him again. If someone up there is playing my “fun farm” and gave me such a boost, even though I don't believe it, I am truly sorry that all these people had to die to make me smarter.

  9. I can say from my own experience, until half a year has passed, and the feelings have not faded away, even after all that she did, and she did everything that could be bad for a loved one, I understand mentally that I will not forgive anything and I am not going to, but I still feel feelings, and still the best. Such idiocy. After working with a psychologist and all that, it doesn't help, yes, thoughts are fine, but feelings can't be killed. So in my opinion, what to do is of course to get your thoughts in order, out of sight as quickly as possible. And I really only see it this way, I need to find one that will overshadow all these feelings, but so far I haven't met such a person, and apparently I haven't met her yet, all this is useless. And to meet the very one, but the devil only knows where she is. With just anyone, too, do not want to, but already used to the fact that someone needs to give their emotions, their love, energy, and get it all back. And without it, it's hard, at least selfish living alone is at least not for me, with all the advantages of living alone.

  10. Everything is very individual and there are no patterns here. Personally, I had this period in my youth from about 1 year to 3 years. It's only about very strong attachments. As you get older and gain these experiences, breaking up is easier and faster. The last time I suffered was no more than a month. You stop suffering when you explain to yourself that this is not reasonable, it will not change anything and just ruinously affects your consciousness, takes time, energy and health.

  11. After 3 years of relationships, oddly enough, let go immediately.
    I didn't run, follow, or write after we broke up.
    Even then, I realized that trying to reanimate the relationship would look pathetic both in my own eyes and in hers – in short, I should have thought earlier.

    It's been almost 4 years and I can't say I've forgotten the person.
    The memory periodically pops up pleasant moments of relationships, situations that can be described in one word-happiness.

    And such moments will remain in your memory for the rest of your life, because you were happy with the person, and the person with you. They should not be discounted just because you are no longer together.
    On the contrary, you should say thank you for these memories, because thanks to them you know what a real relationship can be.

    It is clear that it is pointless to try to restore the past-life, this is not a dramatic film, where people after many years meet in tears, saying that all this time they could not forget each other.
    Probably, the realization that you need to move on and believe that in the future you will find your own person, with whom you will live your life, is just a consequence of the fact that you finally “let go”.

  12. Well, in general, I am against calling people “halves”. We are all originally whole.�

    And if there was a breakup – then maybe it wasn't your man? With my last breakup, it was like this: in the shower, I let her go almost immediately, although initially it was very sad. But I knew that despite the heat of falling in love, we were different people, and we couldn't be happy together.

  13. It is considered that you need 50% of the time from meeting to completely forget. That's about what I had.

    If you are very hooked, there is an opinion that you should sleep with 10 new women. Well, if you are too lazy to strain yourself so much, perhaps less will suffice.

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