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  1. It depends on how alone you are. Recently, Michael Stevens from the VSauce channel conducted an experiment where he was in a white room for 3 days, which was constantly illuminated with bright white light and did not turn off. In the room, all the walls were soft, instead of a bed, a soft white mattress with a white blanket and pillow. And of course, a set of food tubes, a sink and a toilet. No connections to the outside world and no stimuli, except for two video cameras, through which scientists and his friends watched him live. After a day and a half, Michael lost track of time, slept a lot, was depressed, and had trouble completing math problems in his head.�
    After three days of being essentially imprisoned, he immediately felt great when he left the room. Watch the experiment here:��.
    But in this experiment, Michael had nothing to do and his brain degraded.�
    The longest experiment was the NASA experiment, which consisted in the fact that a young girl spent 190 days in a closed room. She had a library of several hundred books, unlimited access to food and water. She felt completely normal, except that her menstrual cycles had stopped and her sleep patterns had been disrupted. So, in fact, a person can spend as much time as he wants, but the main thing is not to degrade.

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