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  1. It all depends on the mood in society and traditions. In my opinion, the depiction of violence in Russian art has declined. I'm tired of it. The French have never been particularly violent. For Americans, this is a permanent state, fueled by public sentiment. It looks like they've finished playing.

  2. Everyone is initially interested in violence. Purely for utilitarian reasons:

    • What to do if you encounter violence in your life?
    • What life hacks can be used to deal with violence against you and get out of the conflict with minimal losses?

    And the main question:

    • Where is the line between acceptable violence and unacceptable violence? For you and against you?

    Kill Bill films – where did the authors cross the border here? Or didn't you click through? Everyone decides for themselves.

    Apparently, the question refers to borderline or even pathological violence.

    The answer is something like this:

    If a person (s) has been addicted to borderline or pathological violence in art for too long, then we can talk about such a problem as masochism, which can become a stable addiction.

    And such a person can live all his life causing himself pain and getting some kind of pathological satisfaction from it. The prognosis of this dependence is uncertain.

    As with alcoholism and smoking. It depends on the body's resource. Some quit at the age of 30, others drink to death.

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