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  1. It's so acute that you can't think of anything but a cigarette for the first three or four days. When the sight of smoking people and companies pushes you to want to smoke again-2-3 weeks. After a month of refusal, the obvious signs of withdrawal syndrome disappear. Subsequently, periodically there is a feeling of pleasant deja vu, which you already want to repeat when you find yourself in places of former “military glory”, memories of which are directly related to cigarettes. As a rule, these are my favorite places for smoking: courtyards, benches and benches in squares and parks, where I used to often hang out in companies where cigarettes were a social component. But the most insidious thing is when after 3 months of refusal, you start having dreams in which you smoke. But these are not nightmares, on the contrary – in them you psychologically and morally feel better than in reality, free from cigarettes. The reality in which you wake up and have to live, depriving yourself of the delights of smoking, seems like a nightmare. These dreams are impossible to ignore, because they began to repeat themselves every night, they followed the obvious conclusion that not smoking is not the best choice, and the melancholy and sadness with which I recalled the experienced dreams showed that the desire did not go anywhere, that I did not want to give up, and the decision to quit was not made by my will. I lit a cigarette, and all doubts immediately went away: I really stopped better, as in those dreams, I immediately felt light and inspired, which I had already forgotten about in the last 3 months. They say that there are no ex-smokers. And this is true, because the primary signs of withdrawal from video withdrawal are easy to overcome, or at least possible. Secondary signs, which manifest themselves in the form of psychological discomfort when refusing, can torment for a long time. They will only stop when the benefits of living without cigarettes outweigh the benefits of smoking.

  2. I smoked for 9 years, the last couple of years, before I quit, on a normal day a pack of a left for dinner in a cafe and + one more could go in the evening) The first 3 days are hell. All I thought about was cigarettes, and I couldn't drink coffee because it was associated with cigarettes. After a month, I wanted to leave when I had a drink or on busy days. And yes! I dreamed that I smoke for several more years, and in the morning I am happy that this is a dream and I did not suffer so much in vain, quitting smoking)) But I will say for sure, do not be afraid of this, this is not something that you can not stand, you need to get carried away with something (just not food)!

  3. I smoked for five years (from fourteen to nineteen), half a pack, sometimes a whole one, but then I cut it down to half. I remember once rushing to take a break for a week, breaking terribly, lit up on the third day. One day later, I was sitting, smoking, looking at a cigarette and thinking: “Here I am-a reasonable person, I make myself dependent on some plant stuffed in paper tubes, and thus – on money, on this society..” I was disgusted with myself. I finished my cigarette, quit, and didn't feel like it anymore. That is, there was no withdrawal. I felt a little strange for the first few weeks, then I got used to it. I have no aversion to tobacco smoke, I find the smell pleasant, but I don't smoke.

  4. My smoking experience is 6 years. I quit 20 years ago. The first three days are the peak of desire. Then, for the first two weeks, I still really wanted to smoke-a difficult period in which most people break down. Then, the acuteness of desire and the frequency of occurrence of�gradually decreased over the course of three months. Then the need for smoking disappeared, if not provoked. Complete immuniasis developed in about a year.

    Then, for many years, I sometimes “smoked”in my sleep. A kind of nightmare )).

  5. I have it until I hear Zemfira. Seriously, I don't miss smoking at all, but 5-10 seconds of her music and the desire to drag on, since she is so soulful and melancholic (you need to write “MAKES YOU WANT TO SMOKE”on albums). I quit in my time quite simply, I kind of started playing wow , and I literally began to forget to smoke, and then I didn't want to anymore.

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