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  1. And what does “change for the better” mean? For the best for whom? For others? to adapt to others, this is clearly not a change for the better. For yourself? what's stopping you from being better right now? what changes are we talking about in general? for example, saying “good morning” in the morning won't take long. and to grow two more hands is an unsuccessful exercise. You have an abstract question. Shape it. Set a goal(what exactly you want to change and to what state), describe what the current situation is, decide what you need to do to achieve it, and then ask how long it will take.

  2. Technically – 21 days. If you make a specific list of what to change and how it should be, then to fix the habit, you need exactly 21 consecutive days of performing a certain action. Note that for each of the selected actions in the list. If it fails, the countdown starts again. Like scientifically proven).

    But if it is purely mechanical actions, because” it is necessary ” for someone, then will it be you? It is not enough to change the external manifestation of character. Sooner or later, you'll get tired of pretending. So it is better to be patient and step by step, with falls and stumbles, change for the better. It's safer this way. And more honest.

    What should be done for this purpose? You need to look at those who you think are a suitable model of proper behavior and try to behave in the same way. And it is better to get to know each other better, if possible, and “catch” from him “good”. It works! Checked repeatedly). Surround yourself with people who are who you want to be. Well, you can read Dostoevsky. He ruthlessly defines the boundaries of good and bad.�

    Although sometimes “it's better to be a good person who swears obscenities than a quiet, well-mannered trash”(f.Ranevskaya Street).

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