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  1. I'll tell you what I think, minus it.

    Demand creates supply. Men like slim girls who take care of themselves. Women want to please men (as well as vice versa, men adapt to the needs of women), so many people try to be thin and slender.�

    But this is an average data, there are always fans of anorexic women and vice versa fat women.

    And the ideal is not imposed on society in the way that they want to present it to us. Don't you want to be a “victim of society”? Don't be. Don't watch yourself, just wear whatever you want. You have every right to do so. That's just other people have every right to keep communication with you to a minimum.

  2. For a very, very long time yet. I see the following reason:the level of attractiveness is related to the amount of effort required to achieve this beauty. Therefore, some peoples, where there are obvious problems with “eating”, value completeness. In North Korea, ladies like guys with a small tummy. Because there this tummy is very difficult to get hold of, and this indicates prosperity. The same trends are sometimes observed in Africa. In our conditions, where total malnutrition is not an acute problem of the majority, efforts to maintain a woman's figure( physical activity, proper nutrition) are appreciated. To sum up: thinness will go out of fashion when it is the result of poverty, not self-improvement. When most of us become severely malnourished. And the unattractiveness of slim girls will be the least of the problems. This is my opinion, which may be wrong.

  3. There is a simpler explanation.
    Fashion, tastes – it's all coming and going. But natural selection has not gone away:) Men, just like women, when looking for a suitable candidate for procreation, evaluate those properties that they would like to see in their offspring, first of all-health, the main external indicator of which is a normal weight, healthy skin color, etc.

  4. The obvious answer is that most men are attracted to slim girls. Correction, not thin and flat, but slender.

    Many aktiris and celebrities are thin, this also causes a desire. Mass media, television, advertising, and so on. The idea is dictated to a woman that if you are beautiful and thin, there will be a higher demand for you, more male attention, more female envy, you are better-this is the main idea. As it were, a slim body opens the door to other things, brings inner confidence and external attributes.

    Now a woman can be forgiven for a not very distant mind, lack of achievements. But if she is beautiful, most doors will open for her. And the concept of beauty also includes the appearance of the body.

    Fashion to fashion discord. Thin is not in fashion now (only among women themselves), but as a public opinion, it is now becoming a trend to be yourself, love your body, engage in fun and not pursue fashion.

  5. I think that girls want to lose weight because they understand that they are no longer interesting to society and especially to the male sex, other girls lose weight because something happened to them and they somehow try to lose weight do not think about this or that situation, I think that the fashion for skinny people will last forever because it is much more comfortable to live and

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