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  1. “Genius is 1% talent and 99% perspiration”

    The fact is that if you are a super – duper-mega-talented person, but you lie on the couch all day sighing about your genius and giftedness, then nothing will happen. To achieve something, you need to try hard. We need to work. And never give up, even if you really want to.

  2. Whatever the ratio, the sad truth is that it doesn't seem possible to make up for the missing percentages of talent through hard work. Millions of graphomaniacs devote all their time to writing texts and do not achieve anything, the texts do not get better.

    But the ambush is that if you don't try and put in a lot of work, you won't know what you're capable of. No one starts creating masterpieces right away, not even Pushkin's and Brodsky's.

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