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  1. I spend my entire adult life on laziness and idleness, although I could lead a productive life, study something, do something, but instead I drown in video games and TV shows. Something like that.

  2. I spent 7 years studying classical ballet. I never liked it. ballet is quite hard work, even when it is a child's activity.�

    in the end, a lot of nerves were spent, a lot of tears were shed at concerts and in training, but there is no real positive result as such.�

    I have a red diploma, but I have never used it for its intended purpose.

  3. I spent many, thirty years of my life on something that was really almost not valuable..However, this experience is hardly worthless..Here is such a paradox. It seems to have been lost, but it seems to have been acquired..Everything can turn out for the best.

    • What helps you avoid making mistakes?

    • Experience.

    • How did you gain experience?

    • I made mistakes.

  4. I spent many years on sports acrobatics, where I left my health. And of course, the institute, I received a higher education in a profile that is absolutely not interesting to me, but I need a diploma for a tick.

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