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  1. A person's conscience has several levels of power (or stages of development):

    • It is shameful, but it steals, lies and is lazy, although it “lies in the direction of the goal”: “To live according to conscience”
    • Conscience is strong, but it has strong counterweights that often outweigh it. And a person lies and repents and holds back half the time.
    • Winning conscience, when a person in most cases lives according to conscience.

    Lies also come in several shades of black and white.

    A black lie is when a person lies for their own benefit and to the detriment of another. The liar wins, the deceived loses.

    A “white” lie is when a person lies (this is also called cunning or diplomacy) for the sake of the world around them, without intending to cause someone loss or harm. The result of a white lie is when both sides win.

    The more trained a person's conscience is, the whiter their lies are.

  2. A “conscientious, decent person” is a person who consciously refused to deceive (lie )or was brought up by his parents from childhood. If he has a sufficiently developed intelligence, then he does not cost anything to “play”, i.e. “perfectly lie” to another person if necessary.

  3. Positive lies* – Have you ever heard this? Do you know what it's called?

    And this is called impudence, impudent people do not understand conscience as such! This is very developed in Russia, a conscience for native people, how do you like it?! And how to earn and feed your family and pity and conscience, and the Gypsies, And the Men at home do not lie, but lie to their mistresses! Not knowledge in the name of Good, on the one hand, and nonsense on the other! CONSCIENCE doesn't mean Lying!

    But lying doesn't mean that a person doesn't have a Conscience!

    People who do not realize the harm of their actions lie flawlessly,

    Those who are aware cannot lie perfectly…

  4. CONSCIENCE controls first of all the main thing-the theme of “good-evil”. The “lie-truth” theme is controlled by the MIND.

    A LIE can be both benign and malignant (similarly, the truth).

    A benign lie is positive and legitimate.

    The malignant formal unintelligent truth has a negative destructive character.

    The PROVERB “A friend-a fool-a muddler is much more dangerous than a strong enemy” – deeply illuminates the topic of the issue – this proverb has been and remains acutely relevant in all countries and times.

  5. Hi, it's me. I hope none of my staff or superiors will read this. It is very important to lie for the good. Decent and conscientious people will not be able to lie to the detriment. Or I'll have to force myself to believe it's necessary. It all depends on the situation , but I will not cause serious pain and problems to anyone . It actually helps a lot in life 🙂 The main thing is to find a middle ground and control the language 🙂

  6. I consider the skill as a consequence of training, and therefore rich practice. Maybe there are only theoretical liars, then I don't know and my answer doesn't take this into account.

    My experience shows that the conscience of a lying person sooner or later becomes unclaimed. Conscience and lies are things that cannot co-exist together. But, it should be noted that the lack of the ability to analyze one's actions makes conscience unnecessary.�

    If you do not take extreme painful cases, then a lying person justifies himself and the coexistence of lies and conscience is based on this. Some kind of morality is present for lying for salvation, for good, etc. But a deep and honest analysis of your own lies should cause negative emotions. The worse the explanations, the more painful it is for conscience. A liar with a conscience will be forced to abandon the analysis.�

    Thus, a liar is: a) a person who is not capable of analysis (who cannot have a conscience at all); or b) a smart unscrupulous person.

  7. Conscience first of all resists actions that your consciousness itself defines as wrong. If it is written in black and white in your head “in this situation, lies and pretense are necessary”, then you are a good spy and your cover will not be revealed.

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