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  1. Billionaires usually do not need the respect of the people and even more so forgiveness. And no matter how much he gives to charity, there will always be people who will hate him. This is how the world works. Rich people give to charity – for other reasons. There are several motivations. They are usually mixed

    1. This is the entrance to the party. Giving to charity is already standard. And just to communicate normally with your peers you need to maintain this reputation

    2. Because it's really important to help them. And they are willing to spend more than just money on it. But also strength. Time and resources. The level of development is already like this.

  2. It all depends on what country this billionaire lives in, what is the general level of national prosperity and education there.

    In countries with high levels of poverty and low literacy, any rich person can spend a minimum of money to enlist the support of the people. As, for example, drug lords in South America are popular, who allocate a certain part of their funds to provide for the local population.

    In the same countries where the level of affluence allows you to meet basic needs, and most importantly, a high level of education, there it will not be enough for a billionaire just to spend money. A billionaire should (and there are examples of such things) demonstrate his modesty in public. In addition, it should not just distribute money, but implement promising projects aimed at the development of the entire society as a whole. Unfortunately, there are currently no such billionaires. They prefer to make do with loud promises and statements – it doesn't cost money.

  3. Billionaires do not need the respect of the people, nor their forgiveness )

    No one needs the respect of the people at all: even politicians do not need the respect of the people, but simply the turnout for the elections and the percentage of those who voted “yes”.

    Living in the modern world, it makes sense to look more closely at the surrounding reality: Your current views seem to have come from the pages of some wonderful children's fairy tale, where a greedy rich man on his knees asks forgiveness from ordinary people…))

  4. not at all. Billionaires are already doing enough for society.

    They are investors in the economy, and their capital will work much more efficiently than the state capital (the one that is not owned by anyone, but which is managed by an official).

    If he wants to, he can give it, but he doesn't have to

  5. The people are so cruel and embittered that they will never forgive another person's wealth, no matter how hard they earned it. He will always find something to reproach and blame the rich, even if he helps the destitute. And they will still be engaged in charity work, because they know very clearly the law “the more you give, the more you get”.

  6. I think charity is evil. You can't distribute money to individual groups or individuals. It is better to expand production, expand the product range, and raise workers ' salaries.
    You need to do something yourself. You can organize a house of creativity for young people. You can organize a legal service to protect the rights of inventors to receive remuneration in courts and help patenting promising inventions abroad. Change the environment. Or don't you have the guts? Or caste solidarity?
    Help those who are doing something to raise their awareness. And you will never earn the respect of beggars with good deeds. There should be social support for them, so that they do not feel worthy.
    And think about how fair your income is. Compare yourself to designers, researchers, developers of new technologies, those who create products and jobs (invent and debug technical processes), who created everything you use.

  7. No matter how much a rich person gives to charity, people will never respect or forgive him. Although I cannot understand what the rich have done to the people, I must think to the poor. Those who envy someone will never respect them again. You can not smear all the children with one black paint. Maybe a rich man works from morning to night, and people in their apartment can not restore order. The concept of rich is relative. I have one cow, and my neighbor has two because he is rich. I have 10 billion, and he has twenty, he is richer, I envy.

    If a rich man gives little, they will say that he is greedy. He'll give it all away – what a fool. Yes, they will also say that he is being promoted. This is the truth of life.

  8. Not at all.. you have to be a sane person.. but, alas, only the sane will understand.. we have one sole proprietor who is a decent person in terms of conscience and social activities (you can communicate with him normally without having billions and not being “in a party”).. not like any arrogant redneck, by chance or banditry, who gained access to power and money.. But he was already recorded as an extremist, because he is passionate about the Slavic theme, a healthy lifestyle (not” healthy lifestyle”, but natural and adequate), Russian culture, which is safely replaced by Western culture, and paganism, which they got to the bottom of.. at the same time, both giving the “person of the year” for merits and writing unflattering articles in the media with absurd, illogical pseudo-arguments like “paganism is bad because it is not Orthodoxy, and everything that is not Orthodoxy is extremism” , etc.. one of the articles was even called ” The danger of sobriety for young people.”. which sounds almost like ” don't drink, don't get involved – suspicious and unhealthy person.”. but this sole proprietor helped many people get out of their hobbies, to a professional level.. athletes, musicians, construction workers, volunteers, etc.. he organized a platform for all this, where I founded a studio, and someone a gym, someone a volunteer association, etc..

  9. You can build a stadium and a beautiful park in your city-this, in principle, will be enough.

    Important clarification: wealth should not be stolen from the same people.

  10. You can build a stadium and a beautiful park in your city-this, in principle, will be enough.

    Important clarification: wealth should not be stolen from the same people.

  11. Does a billionaire really need the respect and recognition of the people? If he is elected somewhere, then of course. In this case, his gifts will be generous and indicative for the people, but they will be isolated actions to attract attention.

    But in general, it is important here how exactly the billionaire earned his money. If not honest, people will never forgive or appreciate his gifts. And if he has built his own business, provides people with jobs, pays them a good salary, then why forgive him? It is necessary to thank him))

  12. And who blames a billionaire for his wealth so that he can forgive something??? Aren't you getting a little hoarse from such impudence ??? What does a billionaire personally owe you and why??? Because while you were sitting in Zen and doing nothing, someone was fussing and earning billions, and who was stopping you from doing the same ???

  13. do you know what prevents many people from becoming rich?) I will answer right away: lack of knowledge) who has knowledge, he controls the world. therefore, those who use Yandex Zen are not yet the most hopeless billionaires, as they are looking for answers to difficult questions, which means they are looking for knowledge)

    therefore, the best thing that billionaires could do is to share their knowledge with the poor, but they won't do it, because as Gref said: he gets scared at the thought that people will get knowledge that has been hidden from them for many centuries)

  14. I read the comments and was surprised that I missed one important point. A super-rich person (in D. S., a billionaire) is usually employed in one or more fields of activity, where he works (or interacts) with at most a thousand, maximum a couple of thousand people, usually connected with him, in one way or another, by common tasks, interests or opposition.

    Hence, charity can only be a certain tool that pursues certain goals to undermine or buy off, attract or distract attention to your person. Of course, one cannot absolutely exclude the patron's urges, sometimes the executioner also feels sorry for the victim.

    Okay, back to the main point. So, what we get is:

    a super-rich businessman enjoys and, most importantly, appreciates the respect of a narrow circle of people in whom he needs, the opinion of others does not matter to him.

    he has a circle of people who depend on him, whose opinion he does not care about, but who depend on him and, accordingly, literally pray for him, as a rule, these are his deputies and assistants, other employees, employees, service personnel, personal driver, manager, etc.

    a wide circle of the public knows very little about him, both because of the narrow circle of people close to him or necessary for him, and because without any sensation with an accident, a scandal, media hype, and so on, ordinary people do not care who he is, what he is and whether or not he is engaged in charity. However, this feeling is mutual.

    To sum it up: Rich doesn't care what people think of him if it doesn't harm his work, and the people don't care about Rich if he doesn't get a lot of media attention. A complete and perfect compromise of interests.

  15. In a normal society, a billionaire is the head of a large business that provides jobs and prosperity to many people and their families. He doesn't need to apologize or make excuses. In the list of the richest from generation to generation, only a few families are kept (the Rothschilds, for example), the absolute majority loses positions in the next generation due to fierce competition. In China, where people started talking about pensions only recently, and before that they lived in old age on their own savings, and there were no “social guarantees” in principle, a rich business executive is treated as a benefactor who gives jobs/food to many. In the scoop, the attitude is different and the results are also different, the time is not far away when Russians will envy the Chinese, who, sorry, don't care about your feelings.

  16. Yes, it does not matter, no matter how much he gave, there will still be envious people who will say that it is not enough. And regret that I gave it to someone else, and not to them in their hands.

  17. I don't know how much Mr. Galitsky gave, but the locals respect him, although this money is earned through cruel exploitation, and the local working conditions are terrible. 10% of the profit is considered a classic.

  18. No matter how much. The people will never forgive a billionaire for his wealth if he is arrogant, arrogant, swaggering and pompous. People's dislike is based not on amounts and percentages, but on the behavior of those who have become rich.

  19. Not at all. The vast majority of people will not respect and forgive such a billionaire, but rather twist their finger at their temple. And then I thought, how much would I give to charity if I were a billionaire? I thought about it and decided that I am ready to give 98% to long-term charity projects in the interests of humanity, 2% is enough for a comfortable life.

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