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  1. In order not to be a sucker, you need to take away the right from others to evaluate you.

    If you take on faith everything that is said about you, then whether you are a sucker or not is not up to you. And if you evaluate yourself and your behavior, then you will not care what others say.

    Girls first of all pay attention to a strong guy.

    • The strong one won't bother talking around if it's not about their safety and freedom
    • Strong people don't prove their strength. Proving this is the job of someone who is not confident in themselves.
    • A strong person simply does what he wants and is envied by others for it.

    Therefore, if you are still going to prove that the girl is “not a sucker”, I suggest you reread this answer first.

  2. Proving something to someone is a losing proposition. You become an object of manipulation. By investing in yourself, in your skills, in your strength, you start to respect yourself, and others feel it. A man builds self-esteem himself, his actions have power, and if he is right, then no one can convince him of this and take away his personal power.

  3. Feynman (a well – known American physicist) – strongly recommended not to buy a girl even kvass, or ice cream (I translate from American hot dogs, naturally), except under the promise of sex. What first of all causes serious respect in front of trustworthy American/European women of the middle of the last century.

    For Alyona-will give. �Promises. �And will give. �Catch up – and give it again. �And a frying pan. �And heels trample.

    In my opinion, having demanded a promise from a modern, and even – Russian-speaking girl, you will look not just a simple sucker, but especially cunningly-moronically twisted “contractual sucker”. Ну Well, if that suits you…

    There is also a very sensible recipe from American millionaires. But for simple beggars, it doesn't work well. And a modern girl is not always, alas, an idiot…

    And so. Classic American millionaire-willingly goes with girls to expensive stores (a dream!). �And buys her brands and pebbles. �In her name. �With a basic installment plan. �And calmly pays these bills on a monthly basis. Well, she must be an idiot not to understand what it smells like when he gets tired of her. Ко If it is fast, then even if you return everything , you will still have to pay a large amount. �And-not to him, he has something to do with it at all??

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