4 Answers

  1. Good time of day.

    If you understand yourself and accept yourself as you are… with all the pros and cons… be honest with yourself…
    Then you will never get confused in anything!!!

  2. Find yourself a woman you love, preferably also bi, find yourself a man you love, meet often with her and with him , you will have a pleasant life full of good attitude towards you . I'm only sharing my own experience with you !

  3. And what exactly is the problem? How does it “get confused”? Can't decide who you like best-women or men? So that's what bisexuality is all about. If the problem is understanding your position in a couple-listen to your own feelings in each individual case.

  4. Do as you see fit. If you have met a girl / guy, it is better not to tell him this, because not everyone can perceive it adequately.. Ask your best friend's opinion about Bi.. But don't let it show that you're talking about yourself.. Good luck, by the way, I'm also half Bi🙃

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