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  1. Very simple! You bring the money and say-look-these are your CRUTCHES. If you take it, you won't get rid of it. Find a way to solve the problem on your own-I'm not sorry, but you're DEPRIVING YOURSELF OF YOUR FREEDOM FOREVER. Don't blame me for what you owe me-it's your choice and your yoke. I warned you, and I won't let you do it again.

  2. In such cases, I simply say that I have no money. Not very original, but extremely effective. And given the standard of living in the country, the potential debtor does not have any additional questions, and the topic is carefully closed.

  3. To supplement the previous author's answer, add a reason to “no money” to make it more convincing:you rent an expensive apartment, pay for your studies/courses/tutor/subscription somewhere,invested in a odnoklassnik startup,made an expensive purchase, and so on. This will create more security for further communication.

  4. I'll tell you the magic formula now. This spell has been passed down by word of mouth for generations by Indian standing monks. Write it down, remember it, make a tattoo: “No, I won't lend you money, because I know I won't get it back.” You complete the spell with magic passes with your hands and a clear explanation of why you are sure that the money will go down the drain. Say it-miracles happen.

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