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  1. Resentment can be serious, and it won't let go. Pretending that nothing happened is useless. You need to make a decision on this offense. �

    Well, for example, you can think and decide that you will talk about it with this person. Or you might think, hmm, well, everything is clear here, I'll probably leave it as it is. And this solution will help put an end to it, as opposed to just ignoring it.

  2. One hundred percent way is to forgive. It's not always easy, but then it lets you go. It is difficult to offend a person who is not hooked by resentment. Take advantage – find out what exactly caught you and close the gap, then, in the future, it will be more difficult or even impossible to offend you. While you're investigating what really hurt you, it's the person you'll be thinking about the least. As a result, you will get both personal growth and resolution of the problem issue. Win-win

    Bonus. It may happen that in the process of research, you suddenly realize that the offense was unnecessary, and the person is quite good, and you still have common interests – do not delay communication.

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