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  1. I agree that it is really very common.But I want to add that if there are no women or their images nearby (for example, if I go to the dacha), then thoughts can be once every few hours or even less often.I also noticed that during something passionate, you also don't think about anything other than what you do/see. But the problem is that girls now often put on display “their best sides”, and in games, films, this topic is promoted everywhere.And now there is less and less time to clear your mind of all unnecessary things and just relax.After all, we are also not such maniacs as you think of us.

  2. Arina's answer is certainly amazing, but I would like to add that a man thinks about sex much more often than once every half hour. This is explained by the same answer of the beautiful Arina. Our desire to “sow our seed” in everything and everything around us is literally our essence.

    * Hereafter, an exclusively male point of view and an exclusively male train of thought*

    I understand that this is all terribly disgusting and vulgar for cute girls, but I will continue anyway. There is such a stereotype, more like the truth, that men only want sex from girls and nothing else. Yes, we may not even want it in the shower and would even be happy just to have tea with you in the evening, honestly! But with millions of years of existence of our natural instincts, it is stupidly unrealistic to fight. The male body is arranged almost at the level of a single-celled one, the main principles are the same: to eat, move and reproduce.

    Therefore, when we see a girl, the first thing a man encounters is an assessment of the girl's sexual attractiveness. Therefore, thoughts about sex come to mind somehow by themselves, as a derivative of the assessment of the attractiveness of a girl. Hence the very frequent thoughts about sex, how many girls have you seen around?:)

    Another very interesting fact is that since testosterone speaks in us (in men), its increase leads to an even more frequent appearance of sex in our thoughts. Because testosterone is an anabolic hormone, that is, our muscles help to grow. Therefore, if a young person regularly attends a gym (sports section, martial arts section, etc.) and gives his best there, then the side effect is just this increased sexual activity. Such an ancient, ancient image of a huntsman: big, strong and strong…axe in hand.

  3. I will answer the question in detail, I will not limit myself to short information, because I perfectly understand the reason for its occurrence. From sex, a person, especially a man, always expects pleasure. Because a man always has an orgasm when the semen comes out. A woman does not have a natural mechanism for getting pleasure from fertilizing the cell. Female pleasure from sex is achieved by additional stimulation of the centers, which do not necessarily need to be aroused in order for conception to take place.

    I will not shock anyone if I say that women in bed often imitate an orgasm rather than experience it? And some ladies still live in the unknown: what is an orgasm? People don't really think about what this thing is happening to us – sexual desire or not desire. Whether they want it or not, that's all.

    But for the general development, it will be useful to know that the process itself originally arose as a way of procreation, which was “conceived by nature” as a simple transfer of seed. Other related factors were added gradually, evolutionarily.

    The desire for sex in a man and a woman is completely different. All this is due to evolutionary development. A man in all ages has sought to spread his seed as much as possible around the world – in order to continue his family. A woman, choose a reliable man-the father of a child who can raise offspring. The fact that a man's sexual desire was purposeful and prioritized over other aspirations is indicated by the fact that a modern man is ready for sexual intercourse in relatively any conditions and at any time!! A woman, unlike a man, needs certain factors both in readiness for the act psychologically, and in the conditions where all this should happen. It is desirable that all the components match for her, otherwise-the man is not lucky….

    So how often does a man think about sex? Research by the Kinsey Institute has shown that the modern man, normally, thinks about sex every half hour. What is the reason for this? The desire for sex is stimulated by a hormone called testosterone, which is produced in the testes. This hormone in men is 10-20 times more than in the body of a woman. And when it enters the hypothalamus (part of the brain) – where the center of sex is located, it stimulates this desire there. A man's hypothalamus is larger than a woman's, and there is also more homo – testosterone. The process of its development is almost continuous, so a man is ready to have sex at any time and in any place. Women do not have this desire. Evolutionarily, she did not seek to scatter her seed as much as possible around the world, unlike a man, but was busy carrying and raising children, which is a long process to be distracted by a new conception, so the desire schedules for a man and a woman do not coincide at all. Among other things, women who have ( normal) there is no constant desire for sex, they sincerely consider the harassment of their men to be a certain whim. And men, guided by their desires (normally), can not understand why women reject them. Ignorance of each other's natural characteristics leads to family dramas. It is somehow unpleasant to talk about these features of our organisms. But it's a pity, because if we were interested in this, maybe we would have more understanding of each other. And, for your information, I want to add that there are women who experience sexual desire almost as often, but they are only 11% of the total number, and this is also due to the increased presence of testosterone in their body. The rest of the ladies who have it in the norm, may well do without sex for a long time. And in a state of conflict with your partner, and generally reject this action for months. A woman's body does not accept a man whom she (unconsciously) has ceased to consider reliable. But the state of rest that the relationship of two loving people gives, on the contrary, is an “erogenous zone” for a woman.

    There are other different nuances that affect attraction, but that's another matter.

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