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  1. A couple of years ago, this question bothered me quite a lot and I answered it for myself after reading Sartre's ” Nausea “and Camus's” Myth of Sisyphus ” – for nothing, but dying of your own free will is very problematic, so you just have to live as it turns out.

  2. So what is the meaning of life? When a person is ill or depressed, they don't even want to live. It seems to him that no one needs him, no one likes him, and other negative thoughts. When I had a child, I realized that this is the meaning of my life. But time passed, he grew up, got married, and had children of his own. I lived to see my grandchildren, now they are my meaning of life. But no, I was deprived of communication with them,I can't even teach my 3-year-old granddaughter how to hold a spoon correctly. They moved to another city, and I thought I wouldn't survive it. But since I am an optimist, I decided to just live, help people around me at least with my communication. People are so lonely! But say a kind word to them, and they change their grim expression to a smile in return. Now I think that the meaning of my life is to please the people around me with my inner warmth and good advice.

  3. Sometimes I ask questions, but rarely . Since it was made for the reason that “the age was coming out and it was time to get married,” I think the answer is the same-I had to reproduce my own kind so that they would multiply and multiply, so that their descendants would also multiply and multiply, and so on ad infinitum. A sad picture.

  4. I am on this planet for my own pleasure, I have determined this for myself in my youth and have never reflected on it again. And I don't see the need to change my point of view further.

  5. I really liked and remember the words of Matthew McConaughey in the TV series “True Detective”: “the best thing we can do as a species at sunset is to join hands and become extinct.”

    Someone considers their life important and fills everything around them with meaning; someone just lives their life and does not think further than tomorrow, and someone considers themselves nothing and strives for the same. What is development and what is the reverse process of development? Isn't both the way to the end, eh? When asked for a personal assessment, it was like this: “everyone you loved will either leave you or die. Everything you've created will be forgotten. Everything you were proud of will eventually be thrown in the trash. ” Is it worth your years? Live for yourself and .

    P. S: and who said that it is worth it-this is your life and do not tell me that I am wrong.

  6. This question is not so difficult to find an answer to, as it would seem, it is too much on the surface. There is one axiom: “there is no effect without a cause”, so everything has a cause. A person comes into this life as a disciple. All our lives, from birth to old age, we get to know the world, people, and learn from our own mistakes and those of others. Those who have achieved freethinking and spiritual zen unite in groups and move humanity forward through science, culture, and the arts. The meaning of human life is to learn, develop, make the world a better place and learn to understand yourself and your inner passions that prevent you from living, in order to become closer to the creator of the universe. Does the universe have a creator? I am of the opinion that absolutely yes. There is a force behind everything, the nature of which man cannot understand. And we are parts of this power that are not in their proper place right now, because to find the right path after our earthly life, we need spiritual insight that we can achieve on Earth or on other planets and in other lives.�

    There are many philosophical schools and trends, but they all agree that a person on earth should grow spiritually, make the world a better place and help others grow.(even hedonists recognize the fact that there is no way without spiritual growth.)

  7. for me personally, this issue has been resolved, it remains to be resolved technically, I have already chosen the path of faith. Everything that is ultimate in the world is vanity of vanities, and only faith helps to see the beyond, the eternal, that which is not of this world.

    What is the meaning of our life ?

    I am deeply convinced that the meaning of our life is to find Life. This may sound paradoxical, but paradoxes often hide the truth.

    . narrow is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few find it. (Matthew 7: 14)

    By this utterance, Christ makes it clear and unambiguous that human life is not really life yet.

    I don't remember who said this phrase: our life is a deadly sexually transmitted disease-maybe there is some inflection here, but there are certain meanings that are consonant with the words of Christ in this phrase.

    There are different types of life : there is plant life, there is animal life ( animal, animal, snake), human life. A priori, it is believed that human life is the top of the development of all these lives, but recently many materials have appeared that express the opinion that this is not so. Take for example the life of animals in a certain ecosystem, let's say in the jungle-yes, among them there is a manifestation of rigidity, sometimes cruelty, some kill others and all that, but millennia pass and everything remains in order with this ecosystem, but as soon as a person gets there, this system disappears – it is cut down, destroyed, polluted.

    One of the exceptional examples of pollution of one of the ecosystems (the Pacific Ocean) is the Garbage Island – the so-called accumulation of garbage of anthropogenic origin in the North Pacific Ocean. Rough estimates of the Island's area range from 700,000 to 15 million square kilometers or more (0.41 % to 8.1 % of the total Pacific Ocean area). There are probably more than a hundred million tons of garbage in this area.

    “The agent trying to break Morpheus says he's discovered that humans aren't really mammals. That mammals live in balance with nature, and humans breed and destroy it until they have to move to another place. And he says that on earth only one species behaves the same way-it's a virus.”

    Why is it that “Homo sapiens” (Homo sapiens) acts worse than those who do not seem to be considered so reasonable? The answer is found in a single statement of Jewish wisdom :

    *** From the side of the body and animal soul, a person is the worst of all living things. But from the point of view of the spirit and the supreme soul (neshama), he is the greatest of all creatures.

    Man consists of spirit, soul and body (flesh) and depending on what he is guided in life and which of the parts dominates in him-such a being he will be-an animal, a bestial being (or even worse) or a higher creation.

    As for the spirit, as you know, this concept belongs to the spiritual sphere, which belongs to the religious world, that is, the divine.

    So it turns out that in fact the real or rather the true life is only the Divine Life. That's the meaning of our life to find it. Anything else is missing the target, like using your phone to crack nuts with it.

  8. I have often asked this question since I was 15 years old, studying the origin of life, the origin of man, the theory of evolution, game theory, and systems theory.

    The first answer was, of course, that”the meaning of life is pleasure.” Looking ahead, it turned out that not everything is so perfect here and there is a substitution of cause for effect: pleasure motivated the evolutionarily expedient behavior of our ancestors: sweet/tasty is useful and high in calories, sex ensures procreation, etc. But now a lot has changed and pleasure is poorly correlated with expediency.

    The second answer was that ” the meaning of life is in the search for life, but in the meantime you need to deal with immortality.” It turned out that death is an evolutionary mechanism of renewal. And thousands of generations of ancestors developed and spread the culture, ecosystem and their kind. And our body is designed for this and perfectly adapted to it.

    You can choose any components of this mission: to engage in science, literature, teaching, education, colonization (including ocean/space), protection, family. All this will serve to spread intelligent life.


  9. At the age of 16, I came to the conclusion that we live for profit. Initially, I was infected with the theory of utilitarianism, but today I look at it a little differently. Everything we do is for our own benefit. And no one has ever managed to convince me otherwise. Give an example of any of your actions and you will still find your own benefits in it.�

    Why did the soldiers cover the embrasures with their bodies? Because they were taught in their childhood that love for the Motherland, selflessness, and a sense of camaraderie are very important qualities. Soldiers believe that they are doing the right thing, that their memory will remain for a long time, that they will not be forgotten, that their children, relatives and wives will live on free land. Profitable? Profitably.

    Why does a mother try so hard to keep her child alive, even if she herself has to die in the process? Yes, because nature has put in all living things an instinct, a truth, a rule – your offspring must survive, the race must continue. This has its own benefit for a person. He feels the need for this, therefore he satisfies his moral needs, therefore he acts favorably for himself.

    And so with any action. You can try to find it yourself in all your actions. A person simply won't do what they don't need to do. It's pointless. Even the most stupid action will always be necessary for a certain person, because it seems so to him.�

    From all this, I concluded that we live for profit (how many times have I said this word) and pleasure. Thank you for reading my humble opinion to the end!

  10. I often ask myself this question and each time I get different answers. It turns out that we live – and this is the meaning, no matter what we do. But the most important point, I think, is to love children.

  11. What is the meaning for you and how is it born inside you? WHAT we live behind, what line, what border, I mean – behind the barn, behind the fence, across the river… Lying on the couch after a delicious lunch and if there are no fears for tomorrow, we can afford to speculate about the impermanence of being and move our brains in search of the eternal and infinite, ideal and beautiful. That is, beyond the line of prosperity and security (beyond which) we have a need to search for the meaning of our being. By and large, the search for meaning we begin to sweat when we are fed up with this life, when our basic desires die (they are completely satisfied, or we refuse them considering them unattainable).

    But to think about what else you want in this life is much more interesting, more pleasant and more useful. Our desires are our energy that moves us through life, if you want eternal bliss – you go to religion, if you want to be a creator on Earth-you go and create, music, poems, books, paintings, pancakes, borscht, children, …

    There would be a true, deep desire, and it is a matter of technique to form it into the meaning of being.

  12. I used to ask it often, but in high school I came up with a formula that I later added.
    I can define and find the meaning of my life – my profession is more than a job, it is a way of life, and the results are its meaning, because they go beyond being at work and become part of my life (there are professions where, after leaving work, you stop being, for example, a waiter or secretary, and there are those that are with you at any moment of life as a component of your personality). to put it more broadly, I live to talk to people about love and peace, about values, as much as possible, but this is just part of my profession and I like it)) so here's some sophisticated hedonism!it is more
    difficult for me with the meaning of our common life, the existence of humanity as a whole. here I have an acceleration from “we are bacteria that the Earth will not bring out in any way” to “there is a higher goal”. to be honest, I believe less and less in the ultimate goal, but more and more in the power of humanism and common sense, in the style of “if we are some kind of virus, then let's reprogram ourselves for creation”

    ps-I hope no waiter or secretary will take offense at me after this, it was a generalized example: D

  13. An interesting observation is that the younger a person is (not counting children), the more acute the question of the meaning of life is for him. Well, creative people, too, are constantly on the lookout. Despite the fact that the answer has long been known, maybe not everyone likes it, but here it is c'est la vie. The meaning of our life is reproduction, that is, in this very life. In short, live for yourself and let others live.

  14. I often ask myself this question, and then wonder why this particular question popped into my head. I could also ask what I am, how the universe came about, and why I'm not an ant, etc. etc. I think we know too little to be even 1% closer to answering this question. And it's not for nothing that questions change in the course of life… we change, our perception changes…all questions are relative.

  15. With age, less and less, because all these pens interfere with living and feeling all this life. I came to the conclusion that I live here to find out how it is and what it is

    life immediately became more interesting

  16. The meaning of life is in the search for the meaning of life.

    Everyone lives for the sake of some of their own ideals, understandable only to him alone. In general, this question is really too global, to which it is impossible to give a single answer for everyone. I have a feeling that everyone has a certain general picture in their head of what a person (specifically he) exists for. But here comes a beautiful phrase: human words are hard to make together talking for expressing things.

  17. I can't say for sure about the “frequency”.. but no matter how I think about it, I remember the joke that a man died and asks God “what was the meaning of my life?” and he answers: “do you remember when you gave the salt shaker to the girl on the train?..”
    therefore, for self-consolation, I remember (although it's wrong, I did good – forget it) all the cases when I helped/stood up for/supported someone. It came in handy, in other words(

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