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  1. I always think about the moment when it will be at least not a shame to die. I often imagine my own funeral, if it were happening now, and what I would like to do to make it different in the future. Although in between cases, the thought often slips through 'what do I want for 10 years ahead? Maybe I'm about to get hit by a car or stabbed around that corner. It would be quite a shame to die like this.” The process of death itself doesn't seem important to me, because to die beautifully is for cinema. Well, an accident, well, a disease. You can't guess. But you need to live in accordance with such principles that even if you observe them for a day or decades, it would not be a shame to look back on everything you have done.

  2. Death is inevitable, but I never thought about how long I have left, but there were thoughts about how I will die. I would like to die heroically, saving people, etc. and after death, I want my organs to be transferred to patients in need.

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