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  1. Usually, good luck and patience are desired by those who DO NOT WANT TO HELP YOU WITH REAL THINGS. Even with small and non-material services, as they say, to help out.

    I immediately mentally flush them down the toilet.

    If a friend-buddy wishes you good luck and patience, then these are fake people, or not yours.

    A friend or buddy will usually just offer whatever help they can give you – give you a ride, look after you, sit with you, support you, drag you along, or wait for you-at the very least.

    No matter how complex and huge this help is, even if it is the smallest, it is worth appreciating and being grateful for.

  2. It's probably just to be polite. But even if it is sincere, then everyone wants what they think they lack, not personal qualities: intelligence, patience, competence. Who's going to admit that to themselves? And luck, it's like from blind force, a random number generator. But this is also questionable and rather also formed under the influence of personal qualities.

  3. I wish you good luck, because the wish of will or qualities or something else does not fit into a short formlirovka. And to wish good luck at parting is short and clear.� Good luck 😉

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