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  1. Don't accept it in any way. This is obviously not the case. That is, the point is either that someone convinced you of this (for example, to legitimize your infidelities) and then you need to deal with this person – why does he convince you that he is obviously wrong, what goals does he pursue, what conclusions do you need to draw about this person for yourself, or that it is your personal anxiety that is aimed at the issue of marital fidelity, In the latter case, you should start with a psychiatrist.

  2. “all men cheat…”from the same series as 'men are naturally polygamous'. But this is a misconception, at least because not all men are alpha males that would allow themselves to sleep with whom they want. But females are naturally logical, which can be reasoned not only to change, but in general to change the male to a more successful one.

    A man won't cheat if he doesn't have a reason to. And the same is true for women. If you have complete trust, you are satisfied with each other, you don't need anyone else , then what is the point of cheating? If one of these factors is low, then there are problems in the relationship, and your partner will logically look for more comfortable ones. In the world of software ~7000000000 and in general it is logical to continue searching if you are dissatisfied with something, and this something is not compensated by other factors.

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