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  1. You just need to ignore the fact that she had someone before you. The only problem that might be there is that if she continues to date this guy,the unpredictable can happen.I need to understand why they broke up.

  2. To understand that now she is not with him, but with you, means that the choice is clearly not in favor of the former.�

    At least as long as you don't push her back with your pens and talk about former relationships;)

  3. It depends on how old she is. If she is over 18 years old, then it is normal that there was a relationship. The main thing is to have a serious relationship, and not fuck on the “registration”. Any normal person wants a relationship.

  4. The best recipe for the author is to start having sex with girls on the street. At least add 10-20 points to your experience. This experience, + when you, the author, get a little older-you will start to “let go” of this question and live with it will become easier. If there is a problem with ordinary girls, increase the girls counter – go to 20 professional girls (prostitutes), then go back to the top ten girls. The head will stop boiling as much as it does now, with a guarantee. Because you will come to a different, very interesting awareness after this experience. I won't tell you what it is, but you'll find out if you follow my recommendations at least 50%.

  5. Clearly, a sense of” ownership ” or jealousy. But, what is it all about?

    Is she communicating with him or giving you a reason to be jealous? Since this is not specified in your question, I think it is not at all…

    Why wind yourself up again? If she is now in a relationship with you, it means that she has overcome herself, said goodbye to the past, and started a new life. It is ok.

    And you didn't have any girls before her? If so, what can be the claim to it?

    Does she remember her ex?

    Remembers 100%. Unfortunately, in the 2 years that they met, her memory or ability to remember something was not turned off. And this is also normal.

    He was a part of her life, too, even if it was a thing of the past.

    I'll give you some advice, don't think about it in general, such thoughts instill self-doubt, distrust, and later quarrels, misunderstandings and completely unsuccessful outcomes.

    Be for her the most confident, beautiful, most interesting, unique. Believe in yourself, she will feel it. And if she does, she won't need anyone else.

    Don't remind her of the past, don't talk about it. You are her present, perhaps her future!

    Love it!

  6. Why worry? The girl has a choice and she makes it every day, so far in your favor, if you do not zamudstvovat. And you choose her, too. What's bad is that she already loved someone.

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