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  1. Think less about it ) No one is immune from infidelity, they change both beautiful, smart, and successful. Just live for today and enjoy its company. If he respects you at least a little, then even if there are infidelities, you will never know about them.

  2. The question is too general to give a clear and practical answer. Adultery can occur with diametrically opposite partners, and God only knows what dominated the man at that moment (lust, confusion, thirst for new sensations, dry calculation-go figure, in short)… However, you can try to prevent them. Find the problem points in your current relationship, because men tend to have casual relationships in order to make up for the lack of what they lack in a permanent relationship. Talk to each other more, try to get into the situation, figure out what you're both doing wrong. It is possible that your suspicions [about the love of the companion] are false, but if in this way you have moved to a new level of mutual trust, diversified your sex life, or began to wake up more often with a smile, then you can thank yourself. And I agree with the comment above: don't screw yourself up. “Suspicion is the mother of accusation,” as well as a source of additional concern.

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