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  1. The beauty is that you don't have to do anything to avoid mixing with the gray mass.

    The only thing you should stop doing is trying to be like someone else, whether it's a businessman, actor, soccer player or other celebrity.

    We are all born with unique personalities. They say that even in the maternity hospital, doctors already notice the unique nature of children who have not even begun to raise yet.

    There is no second person like you with the same interests, history, character, speech patterns, gait, jokes, values, and dreams.

    You are already absolutely, 100% unique.

    For example, when we go to the beach, from a distance all the pebbles seem similar to each other. But as soon as we get closer and take one in our hands, we immediately see that each has its own shape and pattern, unlike other stones.

    So it is with people.

    All of us are already different, and you just need to allow yourself to be yourself and appreciate your uniqueness (even if it does not fit the generally accepted standards of attractiveness or success) as something very valuable, perhaps the most precious thing you have in your life.

    And to save your opinion, you need to learn to value it first. When we respect and value ourselves, we automatically value our own opinions.

    This does not necessarily mean that our opinion is better than that of others and we are superior to them; that they are a gray mass and we are a shining diamond.

    Allow others to be others and yourself to be yourself.

    Express fully what you feel inside, be true to your opinion, without trying to convince others of its correctness, and then you will always be different from other people.

  2. Dear Anna,

    Do you really live with the “gray mass”?
    And it prevents you from maintaining your opinion?
    And your opinion is the most correct in the world?

    Take a closer look at the “gray mass”!
    Perhaps you can find someone for whom your opinion is useful and important?

    Or maybe in the “gray mass” there are those who surpass you in something!?
    Might it be useful to learn from them?

    You see, Anna, if you label people a “gray mass”, it means that you do not try to distinguish one from another, sheep from goats.

    That's why you don't develop.
    I've written a lot about development. If you're interested, read my feed.

    All Reasonable Things!

  3. I have my own question for you: if you consider a certain group of people to be a gray mass, then why do you mix with it?

    It's gray for you, not colored.

    What makes you want to stay with these people?

    there can only be one answer: you consider yourself a representative of the gray mass. For the law is irresistible: like-to-like

  4. You just don't have to think about the “masses” and the like, you need to get rid of labels, after all, in order to be special, it's enough to be yourself(if you're not a vegetable, of course) well, development in a frequent sense is just masturbation, development for the sake of development is just nonsense. To develop in any field, you need a goal, so find this area and improve yourself in it.

  5. and who prevents you from having your own opinion?
    At the moment, society is quite indifferent to individuals.

    you can have any opinion, to be honest, no one cares.

    no one will try to persuade you to change it, especially if you don't shove it under everyone's nose.

  6. I believe that only in union with the Creator can you realize your own uniqueness, because only the Creator does not make photocopies, and only the Creator has such great opportunities to give everyone a different pattern. I once read about a study in which it was said that among the thousands of snowflakes captured in a photo and observed through a magnifying glass, not a single one was found similar.�

  7. To save your opinion, you must first have it. Do not look for some mystical truths “we are all being deceived” and such just for the sake of moving away from the standard thinking of our compatriots. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming a fool, a city madman, a stupid youngster, and so on.

    At the expense of “learning to develop yourself”, this is not at all clear. “Personal development” without concretization is just an abstraction. Pick up dumbbells and swing, run 10 km a day, eat healthy food. That's what you don't like about yourself? Developing your body.

    Sign up for a programming course. There you will learn logic and get professional skills. Also developing yourself.

    Or do you still mean an abstract development of yourself?))

    At the expense of the gray mass. It doesn't exist. This is an artificial concept, aimed at the fact that people would strive to get out of the gray mass. So that, for example, you would stand up against the “gray mass”. Gray mass vs laughing pills? Then you, as a colored mass, stand for. Gray mass against immorality? So they're Moralphages! And you, as a colored mass, should take the opposite position and support the immoral with the words ” what is this?”

    Gray mass is an expression that replaces the expression “Normal”. It's just that “Normal” doesn't sound bad, and the gray mass already sounds like you don't want to be like that.

  8. First, stop following “fashion”. This applies to absolutely all areas of life, from heavy makeup to some kind of vlogger.

    Second, learn to think outside of public opinion. Think and therefore act as you see fit, not as society dictates. Naturally, this should happen within reasonable limits for a person who values his freedom.

    Third, stop following stereotypes (although this point can be combined with the second one).

    Fourth, criticize less. Direct this energy to yourself.

    Fifth, speaking of the notorious self-development, unleash your potential and do what you love. Here you can also add information about the job you don't like. Even if the work brings a lot of money, but does not bring pleasure-feel free to quit. At this point, you will once again stand out from the crowd.)

    Good luck!

  9. It all depends on who you personally consider to be a gray mass. If you can tell a fascinating story about your life, then you are no longer a gray mass. Create and get up, in one word

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