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  1. It may sound corny, but beauty begins with neatness.

    This means clean underwear every day, jeans to wear no more than two days, T-shirts, shirts and other similar clothes for one day, then mercilessly in the wash.

    A normal powder, such as in capsules, does things)

    Make it a rule to spend a certain day a week doing hygiene, shaving your armpits, cutting all your nails (even if it seems that you can still walk for a week). Well, a puhan in the bikini zone is no longer in fashion and few people like it, besides it is not very hygienic. A $ 3000 trimmer will solve the problem easily.

    Eau de toilette should also not be available only on public holidays.

    Next, the hairstyle. If you have doubts about the style, it is better to take a shorter hairstyle, and then when the picture is formed, you will already experiment )

    Then the teeth, the teeth are important. They must be healthy so that there is no smell.

    Teeth are very easy to whiten, it will immediately add +100 beauty and you will smile more often)

    It is done very simply, bleaching strips for 4000 and an electric toothbrush with ultrasound 3000. It works really well and the result will surprise you.

    If you have doubts about the style of clothing, then choose the most classic images. Not in the sense of a shirt and trousers, but in general something that does not go out of fashion. Jeans, sneakers, shirt (not a club shirt, for God's sake), sneakers, polo jeans, etc

    The main thing to remember is one super Mega rule when buying clothes: if in doubt, don't buy. Well, in general, less pretentiousness.

    Well, the most important thing is sports, if your shoulders are already pelvic, then no shaved armpits will help.

    People who honestly work out in the gym after 2-3 years change beyond recognition, magic happens, and the hairstyle and style are added and everything, I honestly don't know how it happens, but it's there.

    In any case, I do not pretend to be super handsome, but I think everything is logical.

    People always pay attention to their hair, teeth, skin, and body.

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